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Nina Dobrev is perfect 💕  Nina Dobrev💕 Nathaniel Buzolic💕 Rp? Tag me or ask The Vampire Diaries 💕

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Noo baby. I love you so much. #prayfortvdtscbltapage :( get well baby

Q: who loves Klaroline? I do

Elena and Damon has been training all day. Until he pulled her closer and kissed her neck, she moaned a bit "Damon" ~Elena (Idk if you do Normal or literate btw I just got home) @damon_tvd_rp

My old edit
Okay im going to school bye ♡

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Everyone forgets about me expect from @tvd_tsc_blta_page shes perfect. That's why I love her and because she is a good friend. ♡

Elena had been sitting in the school for hours almost being tortured off her own best friend. "Is this going to end?" She sighed as Kol and Stefan walked in "Kol." || S: "Rebekah." He looked at Rebekah

Elena was getting ready for school as you came up to her and kissed her, she kissed him back ~Elena @derek_damon_dylan_rp

Good morning/night people
Sorry for the blurry picture
Q: Katherine or Elena? Which one?

Elena walked in the Mikaelson mansion she knew Kol layed in a coffin daggered. Elena walked where thw coffin were and undaggered him "wake up" she looked at him ~Elena

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