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Vampire Diaries & Originals  The Originals Fridays at 8/7c Vampire Diaries 2009-2017 | #TVDForever Inquires:

β€” hayley's first appearance :)
i actually liked their friendship before hayley betrayed him and then tyler went after her & hope back when he crossed over on TO 😐
q: do you like hayley?

[Season 4]
β€” mystic falls or new orleans?

β€” caroline without humanity or stefan without humanity?

β€” literally me after one push up πŸ˜‚

[Caroline + love interests]
β€” which one is your favourite? ❀
β €
(i didn't include calaric bc i don't think they really had a true connection but that's just my opinion like alaric loved her but she didn't truly love him back and i also didn't include jesse bc that didn't last very long)

[Stefan + love interests]
β€” which one is your favourite? ❀
β €
(i know rebekah & ivy were one of his love interests but i picked the ones i thought had more development/was shown more throughout the show)

β€” do you like valerie?

[1x01 & 8x16]
β€” elena's first and last words ❀
q: are you satisfied with elena's ending?

β€” stefan in season 1-2 or 7-8?

β€” when all her old memories came back 😌
q: favourite damon relationship? (can be love, friendship, family etc)

how did you find my account? i'm curious :)

β€” his face when he said "oh wait, you can't" πŸ˜‚
q: damon or kai's sense of humour?

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