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Ben, Jack & Hugo | Tuxedo Cats  We’re the TuxedoTrio: Three dapper tuxedo cats from Boston! Check out our cat blog and find us on Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, and Twitter, too.

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Box sitting: the perfect #Caturday activity! Featuring Hugo and the #blep

This guy has been making a habit of curling up on my pillow at night. I keep waking up with him wrapped around my head. Can’t get mad at this face, though!

Ah yes, the sit-directly-in-front-of-the-fridge-in-order-to-trick-your-humans-into-giving-you-an-early-dinner pose, perfected by your favorite tuxedo, Ben. 😎🍗 #subtle

Today is a purrfect day to sit by the window and watch the birds. ☀️🌷🐾

Totally obsessed with these tuxedo ear tip pins we won from a contest with @straycatsocialclub! 😻😻

THESE ARE OUR FRIDAY FACES. 😬😬 #getyourweekendon #itsthefreakinweekend

New ornament for my desk at work. Thanks, @thelifeoflinus!!! ❤️❤️ #askmeaboutmycats #catsnotkids

My boys. 💙💚💛

Jack wants to wish all the cat moms out there a #HappyMothersDay! (Ok, and the human moms, too. And I guess the dog moms, if we HAVE to.) 💗

Making the most out of this rainy #Caturday. ☔️📖 #bookstagram #illbegoneinthedark #truecrime #tuxedocat #tuxedotrio #rainyday

New bed, who dis? 😴

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