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TuxedoTrio: Cats with a Blog  Ben, Jack, & Hugo, 3 tuxedo cats from Boston! tuxedotriocats@gmail.com Snapchat/Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr: TuxedoTrio YouTube: thetuxedotrio


Well, we did it! We are officially moved in. Getting the boys over to the new place did NOT go as smoothly as I had hoped. In fact, it was actually a pretty horrible experience and I spent most of Saturday sobbing, worrying that the trio would never forgive me. They hissed, they screamed, they scratched, they hid (Jack hid under our bed for 8 hours after watching us put Hugo & Ben in their carriers and take them away--we had to make another trip back to break apart the bed to get to him)... Hugo even peed in his carrier... 😒 and then they spent most of the weekend sulking and refusing to come out or even look at us. It's now Monday morning and they are still a little nervous with all the new sounds and smells (and I'm sure the boxes in every room don't help), but they are finally starting to ease into things. Jack is starting to climb up on the dressers again and even slept in the bed with us last night. Everyone is using the litter box and eating/drinking, which is a good sign. I'm glad the move is over and I can't wait for them to realize how much more space they actually have! Hoping to return to normal soon! Thanks for all your kind words and advice this weekend!

Today is the big day! MOVING DAY!!! Despite the mayhem around them, the boys seem surprisingly calm. β€οΈπŸ“¦

Only 2 more days until we move into our new house! We have been packing up boxes and taking them over bit by bit all week. The boys definitely know something is up. Look at these faces. I can't wait to show them our new home! ❀️🏠🐾

It's all happening.

Having a full belly feels great, but knowing you are helping fill the bellies of other pets in need feels even better! We are thrilled to share the news that @petsmart will be donating 20 MILLION meals to cats and dogs in need through their Buy a Bag, Give a Meal program! But this is just the beginning--and you can help too! Any time you buy a bag of cat or dog food at PetSmart, a meal is donated to a pet in need. How great is that? #fortheloveofpets #sponsor

Only a few more days until we close on our new house! 🏠 The boys have been pretty tolerant as we slowly pack up the apartment around them, so I am hoping the move goes smoothly. We are so excited to give them more space to play!

MONDAYS. πŸ™„ #amiright

It's CATURDAY! What are you doing today? We are watching our mum put things into πŸ“¦πŸ“¦ to get ready for our big move! 🏠

I need @talk_to_the_paw to hook me up with the good stuff from @meowjiuanallc because we're moving to the new house in ONE WEEK and mum is making us pack up all our toys, including MY FAVORITE SQUIRREL! Send help, please! #HookMeUpKatniss #meowijuana

Pssst.... Want to score a $10 @PetSmart gift card this month? Of course you do! Jack has cracked the case and wants to give you the inside scoop on how to do it:
1.) During the month of June, head to PetSmart and spend $40 on @Purina products. β˜‘οΈ
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You can redeem for multiple gift cards for every $40 purchase! Just make sure to upload all your receipts by July 9. So, what are you waiting for? Time for a PetSmart run! πŸš—πŸ’¨
#ad #PurinaMysteries

I could watch him swing his tail like this all day. 😊 #happycat #raccoontail #blacktoe #πŸ™

Time to wake up. The sun is out and our bowls are empty.

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