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Ben, Jack & Hugo | Tuxedo Cats  We’re the TuxedoTrio: Three dapper tuxedo cats from Boston! Check out our cat blog and find us on Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, and Twitter, too.


SMILE! It’s finally #CATURDAY!

Hello from the top of our @kittymansions! Want to come over and play with us?
#kittymansions #tuxedocats #catsofinstagram #tuxedotrio

Hugo hanging out in his @kittymansions basket! ❤️

These two. 🙄 Little known fact: Jack will often pick on Ben, despite the fact that Ben can and will beat the crap out of him. And when the fur starts flying, Hugo ALWAYS takes Ben’s side. He puffs his tail straight up in the air and will chase Jack around the house after Ben decides to let him live another day. I’d say most days everyone gets along, but if a fight breaks out, chances are these two are involved and Jack started it.
#tuxedotrio #tuxedocats #tuxedocatsofinstagram #tuxie #catfight

Since yesterday’s throwback photo with baby Hugo was so popular, I wanted to share some baby pictures of Ben today. He was so tiny as a baby! Ben has always been an independent spirit. And yes, he’s always had THAT FACE we all know and love so dearly. He’s truly one of a kind. ❤️

Time for a throwback photo of my favorite boys! Can you believe how small Hugo used to be?

MRW I realize it’s only Tuesday. 😒 #caturdaydreams #tuxedotrio #tuxedocat

“Finally! A cat tree that makes me look small. This is mine now.” -Ben, enjoying his new @kittymansions ❤️🏠

I feel you, Ben. 😞

Hugo’s reaction when he remembers tomorrow is Monday... but then he remembers it’s a holiday and he gets to spend the whole day with his mum (swipe left)!

Yesterday before I left the house, I accidentally left the lid closed and Ben woke up my husband to let him know he needed some assistance. His face here KILLS me. 🤣 (Disclaimer: we have a litter box—he just prefers the toilet for #1)

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