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Tuulia  🎂 26 🏠 Seinäjoki, Finland 📚 SeAMK 💪 Gym, kickboxing 💗 PC gaming, dancing

#tb to #bulgaria last summer. That was a fun trip! ^^ #sunset

#tb to my sisters fairytale wedding last summer. That day was full of laughter and love, I loved every second of it! Nothing makes me more happy than seeing my sister and her husband look at each other with deep admiration and respect❤ I hope you two have a marriage full of adventures, joy, love and understanding❤ Amazing pictures by @jussirekiaro #wedding #love #happy

Last Saturday @olzilii surprised me in the best way. Through sobbing I managed to say yes to his proposal. ❤ You are everything I need and more, you are the love of my life!❤ #proposal #love #engaged #valtakuntatapahtuma

If you don't see the destination ahead, don't worry. Every step you take towards it will make it clearer. ☁ #mist #night #movingforward

Olipahan melkonen rupeama nuo avajaiset. Itellä oli hyvin pieni osa ja silti olin aiva poikki, joten hattua nostan Ollille ja Sepolle että jaksoivat tämän pusertaa läpi! Porukkaa piisas enemmän ku odotti ja oli hauska päästä vähä tutustumaan noihin actionmaneihinki 😄 @jspinta @olzilii @terokotsalainen @matias_niemi @ptvatanen

10 pm and the sun is still shining. Somehow this phenomenon never ceases to amaze me. ☀ #finnishnature #beautiful #summer #nightlessnight #juhannus

Kesä, ihanaa!☀ #summer #sun #finally #nofilterneeded

I never thought I would find a man who could see all of me, good and bad, and still want to give me everything.
I never thought I would find anyone that could make me laugh even when the shadows of my mind have taken ahold of me.
I never thought I'd find you, but here you are. With me. ❤
Credits to @lemenilee , you managed to capture something magical and sincere. #love #laugh #together

Dancing, my true love. No matter what is going on, dancing is the thing that always makes me smile ❤ Credits to @mikaalavesaphotography #dance #fun #theflow #loveit

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