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YABOI TURTLE  U can find me keepin' it 💯 fo my squad🐾. Stay poppin'💨& sippin'🍻. Take a view thru the 👀 of a real Dee O.G

Maybe it's maybelline maybe it's skrt skrt gang gang gangrene?! #fookdemayweathas

BOOOI if u don git outta here wit dat half azz tiddy rubbin shit!! #sendhelp

Eat shit and hail satan :)

Ain't nothin butt a tootsie roll shawty🤤😉#isitworthit #goheadnworkit

Can't let my furgurls furleave unless dey got furpleased #furnasty

When u hear there is a hefty dough wheel ready to get drenched in pepperonoos #ohlawd

Always need dat smrt food on deck for dem dumb bitches lol!!!

Too much sauce :(

Same same but different?

Yo I swear if this mans keeps dressin me up in dees mafkn dumb azz costumes Imma send dis mans sum srs beef stew wit no return address!! But low key I'm the turtlyest turtle in the turtle club tahaaaaah!!

Hey guys srs amber alert just out, we NEED to locate who's mans this is asap!!! Tysm for ur ongoing efforts!!! As block watch captain I'll b out here till dis mans is located!!

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