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Turtle Artoodeetoo  "I reject your reality and substitute my own." -Adam Savage #ShellyIsARobot

#happy1032 fellow wanderer! Here's dear friend and Shelly In Real Life 10 Anny in our last set with #LolaTheCoLola! She started school again, but hopefully I can drive out at some point to shoot! #ShellyIsARobot

#happy1032 fellow wanderer! I haven't been able to drive out to shoot with anyone this Summer, so all of the local Shellys are certainly missed including the beautiful Shelly In Real Life 45 @mia_510 . Hopefully soon! #ShellyIsARobot

#happy1032 somewhere over Hilo, fellow wanderer! Imma Bad Turtle, I received this last week and just got around to posting it. Better late than never, right? Here's the beautiful Shelly In Real Life 39 @crazy.fish.lady on the night she and Joe went to Final Fantasy Orchestra... Distant Worlds? I've been to one, hope it was super fun! #ShellyIsARobot

I feel so bad that I couldn't be at Grange for Corolla Matsuri today, so here's #LolaTheCoLola on a road trip down the California coast. #ae86

#happy1032 fellow headbanger! I'm at Coheed and Cambria at The Greek tonight and I don't think I've ever seen more love for an opening band than I have seen for Taking Back Sunday. Kudos. Who better to commemorate tonight than the one and only Shelly In Real Life 36 @metallicagirl_ae86 ? #ShellyIsARobot

#happy1032 fellow wanderer! The beautiful Shelly In Real Life 32 @mi_akire is baaaack! It's been a hot minute and a testament that patience is paramount for this project. She emerged from darkness back into the light. Welcome back, 32!

Kilawun pusit, Adobo pusit, balatong. #AncientAsianGreenFlowerPlate

#happy1032 and #happy86day fellow wanderer! I've posted an 8, and now a 6! In one of her only shots with #LolaTheCoLola so many years ago at a Sonoma Wednesday, the charming Shelly In Real Life 6 @vickythetiger is surely missed. Hopefully soon! #ShellyIsARobot #ae86

#happy1032 fellow wanderer! Here's the beautiful Shelly In Real Life 8 @loveandpoison in one of her first Shelly shots! How does one know? Hair color. 😄 #ShellyIsARobot

#TheRollaLifePodcast mate @yetanotherhero living that Rolla Life. One of my fave pics I took during a Matsuri. #ae86

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