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Turtle Artoodeetoo  "I reject your reality and substitute my own." -Adam Savage


#happy1032 somewhere over Oahu, fellow travelers! #TheUnitedStatesOfShelly continues with the first of two Shellys currently in Hawaii! The beautiful Shelly In Real Life 46 Jennifer via hubby @robert.loo looks stunning in black! This set was part of a spy-theme which looked like a lot of fun shooting. Here's to hoping I get to travel there and meet them for the first time in person sometime this year! #ShellyIsARobot 7/50

#happy1032 somewhere over Baton Rouge, fellow travelers! #TheUnitedStatesOfShelly continues with a second representative from California! Dear friend and the beautiful Shelly In Real Life 10 @annybanany_ is indeed a special one. I shall explain ad nauseam that she's the woman to bring Shelly into double digits, which was a huge deal for me. Around the time when I picked up 6, 7 and 8, I realized that it would be easiest to officially assign a number based on when she emerged chronologically and found that 10 was fast approaching. I feel I chose wisely, she has taken so many great pics. #ShellyIsARobot 6/50

#happy1032 fellow travelers! I don't post her enough, but I have just one set. The beautiful Shelly In Real Life 112 @diamond_diva234 has been recruited for the United States of Shelly assignment, but until she posts up a pic with her state(s) in the background, I shall not divulge which. Hope to see it soon! #ShellyIsARobot

#happy1032 continues with the beautiful Shelly 129 @charmingchink ! One thing that I realized at one point is that a 'mask off' pic doesn't look right when a Shelly simply holds up the mask. But if the mask was worn like a necklace and then she hold it up, it totally works. It's as if shelly just took it off. I leave this instruction in a new Shelly's welcome letter. I'm so glad that they have taken heed on how it looks in pics. #ShellyIsARobot

#happy1032 somewhere over the Pacific fellow travelers! #TheUnitedStatesOfShelly continues with a contribution from Nevada! The beautiful Shelly In Real Life 41 @carryonkid_ took pics from Las Vegas with the strip in the background! It's from an old set that I will post again soon with another Shelly. The project is more amazing with her and her collaborations and I can't wait until her next pics! #shellyisarobot 5/50

This place is the land of the 80s Toyota 4Runner / Pickup. #notallwhowanderarelost #asongoficeandFJ

So this is a fascinating coincidence, this morning around 1am-ish, I had my first ever fatburger and just now I found this on @phelnacra 's timeline. Funny how the entire song is about the coincidence of good things happening in one day and this happens.

Even saw the lights of the Goodyear Blimp and it read 'Turtle's a ..." #notallwhowanderarelost #ASongOfIceAndFJ

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