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Antonia Freya Lydia  leo by heart

minding your own business will give you so much joy i swear [advertisement @prettylittlething ]

i want y‘all to think about me when you listen to „ganja burns by nicki minaj“ this is my song now

letting my eyebrows grow again was actually a big challenge for me

this crybaby will NEVER EVER go on a roller coaster again

[Advertisement] am i the only one who judges people by their zodiac sign? like i literally wouldn’t date some signs (ps: i love how you guys are talking to each other in the comments ily so much ) top and jeans by @prettylittlething

choose your fighter

sorry to the person who takes my pictures for being such a pain in the ass still love you thooo [Advertisement: whole fit by @prettylittlething ]

i really feel like an alter ego with straight hair [advertisement: body and skirt by @prettylittlething ]

image a lana song playing in the back | [Advertisement: top and pants by @prettylittlething ]

okay so i need to know: what’s your favorite song of “scorpion” so far?

taking pictures with @nxshaya is actually so chill cause this girl knows my angles

[Advertisement] got a kiss with your name on it | bikini top by @prettylittlething

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