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Z is me


People who shame their girlfriends for posting half naked pictures or wearing revealing clothes out but then go and like other female’s half naked pictures are something else lmao

you ever feel like someone doesn’t like you when they probably don’t even think about you? same

you will unlearn all of the bad things you’ve taught yourself and you’ll grow into someone stronger than you ever imagined you could be

any relationship that could be “ruined” by having a conversation about feelings, standards or expectations wasn’t really firm enough anyway, so there isn’t much to ruin

kinda just want someone who’s always around and actually will put effort to see me bc my heart is so big misses immensely

do my parents realize I could be out doing drugs & be a hoe but no i’m terrible bc I leave cups in my room

sorry i can’t relate to mean people. i can understand not being openly friendly but how can you go out of your way to actively be so mean.. on purpose.. for fun.. aren’t you exhausted?

i’m a strong ass girl everything that’s ever hit me in life i’ve dealt with on my own, cried myself to sleep on my own, wiped my tears on my own and have grown from things that were meant to break me. I get stronger by the day, I have to thank God for that

actively hating on people/things is such a waste and won’t make you interesting and cool. focus your energy on your own betterment.

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