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Most people don't believe me when I say I use to be 66lbs heavier. This is proof. I haven't used anything special to help me lose that much weight, just lots of hard work and determination. You don't need some special weight loss drinks or gimmicks that cost lots of money. You just need yourself and to know that you can do anything you put your mind to!

Everyone this is my nephew Cannon, he loves to learn. His favorite show to watch is American Ninja Warrior. He loves it because he sees a lot of the people on that show accomplish their goals and become better. I think it's awesome that Cannon's interests are things that better him and want him to progress. May we all be more like Cannon and seek for progress and become stronger! @mandy.leslie

I catch myself many times a day saying "I'm sooooo blessed!" I recently got a new job and I absolutely love it! I get to give tours on the most beautiful campus in the country and help students get admitted to school. It's such a great fit for me.

It is so important to love doing what you do for work! It is also so important to love life! #lifeissogood

Why do we make it so hard to eat healthy? Why do we make so many excuses? Well it's time to just do it and realize it's not hard. If you're busy during the day just get vegetables and snack on them during the day. My wife totally hooked me up with these veggie bags. It's so important that we keep our bodies healthy. We can do this fit fam!

So as a fitness coach I send daily at home work outs to my team and it has been so fun! This time lapse is the work out that we will do tomorrow and we all have 4 sets. My team is doing very well at completing the work outs everyday and we are all seeing results. Helping them has helped me to be so much stronger and healthier! I am so grateful for them and all of the progress that we are all seeing! Nothing can stop us! @shasta_dazen @levi.jeffs @mwilcox9211 @mak_ann_dec @dankent6 @marycjohnson15 @campetes @jasonn_760 @adam.harper7 @emaleemcneill @dawsoncreek94 @aprilwhiting

The eclipse was awesome! So happy we were able to witness it with amazing friends!

Do you ever set daily goals? This week I have tried setting little goals throughout the day and I have seen that it's really effective. Today I have an awesome pool workout planed and my goal is to swim 20 laps. I'm not the best swimming so I'm really trying to get better and I know that making goals is the best way to do it!
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So Often times when I'm at the gym I'll get tired or fatigued. Then I'll look at a picture of my sweetheart and all of my strength and stamina will come back to me. I love this girl! She is my pride and joy! Who gives you your strength? You have to have someone who helps you be as strong as you can be! @kierstynleslie

I always see these monkey bars when I go to the gym and have always wanted to finish them all the way through. Today I did and did some victory pull ups at the end😁. This is why I love going to the gym! I love seeing progress in myself every day! We need to make sure we go to the gym and never put limits on ourself. We need to know that we are stronger than we think we are because it's true! We are powerful beyond measure!
My legs wanted a work out too😜
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WE CAN ALL CHANGE OUR LIVES TO BE MORE HEALTHY. The picture on the left is my sweetheart and I in Hawaii a year ago. The one on the right is my sweetheart and I in Utah today. We have both tried our best to eat healthier and to be more active and we have both reached a lot of our goals. Our lives overall are so much better as we live healthier! @kierstynleslie

What's one of your weakness? Have you ever made it one of your strengths? I use to HATE cardio but now it's one of my favorite exercises. As I have made one of my weaknesses my strength, I know that I can overcome much more. The gym is a place where I can have so much progression which therefore it gives me strength and happiness!
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“Some people dream of success while others wake up and work hard at it.” -unknown :
Fitness and helping people is one of my biggest passions and I have found a way to combine both! I have had so much fun doing my personal training. I love seeing my team reach their goals and trying their best. Their progress helps me to progress and I feel incredibly blessed! I would love to help anyone who would like to see progress in their life.
Please direct message me if you would like to join my daily work out plan! I will help you reach your goals!
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