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Love this picture!
What are you afraid of?
What if your reply to this question was “I’m not afraid of anything” well that’s what it should be! -
Have so much faith that you don’t fear anything at all! -
Always remember that you are powerful beyond measure with the faith that you have to accomplish anything!

On the green screen today talking about making big decisions!

This new beginning is coming quick!
Let’s all do our best to better ourselves even more!
The only way to do this to set goals. Not huge goals, but goals small goals that we can achieve one by one.
Let’s set a new goal each month and I promise good things will happen! -
My first goal for January is to drink more water and go on more walks with my wife. Fitfam let’s make 2018 the best year ever!

Try this!
The school gym closed early today due to New Years so that means home workouts!
I have been trying to really focus on having better posture and building each muscle.
Try this during your next upper body workout!

I had a great workout today! I think farmers carries are my favorite because it works a lot of different muscles. Give this workout a try! Hahaha also my facial expressions are pretty hilarious! I did a few burn outs before this so it hurt to even lift my arm 🤣

Get your heart rate up!
Try to eliminate some of your rest in your workout. A good way to make sure that your workout is high intensity is it make sure you aren’t standing around for longer than a minute. -
Try squaring with higher intensity by doing a set of squats, then go right into burpees and do 3 sets of 5.
I hope you all have a great day!

Fun core/tricep workout! Give it a try and let me know what you think. I hope you all had an amazing Christmas! 💪🏽

Merry Christmas from the Leslie’s!

Today is the day! Grandma and Grandpa’s Christmas party is happening tonight!
Grandma makes prime rib every year and this year she is making 20 lbs!
Eat what you want during the holidays then work your butt off later!

Remembering how far my princess and I have come in being more healthy! -
It has been so fun being married and having a lot of the same goals and trying our best.
We will have an even better picture next year!

Yikes, the picture on the left is me at 250lbs and the picture on the right is me at 185 lbs!!
I’m so happy I chose to eat healthier and I feel so much better overall! It is so important to start somewhere and do your best!

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