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♏️🦂TURK🔪🐷  1/4 @creekboyz111 Baltimore📍 “Be a leader” 5 A.M. Official Music Video Below 👇🏾

I genuinely wanted bro to win, But some stories just dont go as planned😔😞... Just Watch over me my nig🤘🏾 Im still in the Race ❤️ @nick_breed My Condolences to your loved ones✊🏾

Dear Schools, BOOK US. @creekboyz111 are freakin litty ‼️Aint no denying it. And Creekboyz have yet to have a dry show ‼️💯
(🎥 Sent to me from @isthatjess._ )

Let us know if you want us to pull up to your school this year 💯 Cause We be lit as hell, you can ask anybody ‼️
Schools with most request gets automatically picked💯
Tell Ya classmates to comment‼️

Dundalk High is freakin lit, We gotta come back💯

The Creekboyz support system is A1. I love all of you guyz . See yall at the Next Shoot 🤘🏾💯💚
📸 : @bentleybites Took this photo🤘🏾❤️

Its way too many people to Tag on this Post. But I want to thank everybody for making this video shoot a COMPLETE success. I loved and enjoyed every second of it. For those who missed it, You owe me a REPOST when the clip comes out💯😂
@creekboyz111 - Celebrate🎉
“Excuse our Niggatry”

Creekshit 💯

@wale 🤘🏾 TAG HIM

I done seen what this rap shit does to the people around you and to one’s self. . . Everybody wants to be a fucking rapper but cant handle the down parts and the lows of it. Yall just wanna shine 24/7, which most likely dims out after a while. But thats why you keep going. Niggas will hate.. Everbody wont always like ya shit.. But that doesnt mean stop going. But If you wanna stop, Then quit witcha hoe ass💯. @ets_jreezy is agreeing Thats why he’s clapping his hands😂🤘🏾

Link In Bio 🔥‼️‼️
You might keep repeating this video out loud throughout your day 🗣💯

My dawg for life 💯

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