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Türk Prasa Kantır Sıtırayk  🚬CS:GO ACCOUNT🎭 🍡CS:GO Temalı Oyun Sayfası 🚫 Nyet Haters plox 🔞 ❎ DM for my Main (for trading)📥 🎮XP with> CS:GO, Rainbow6Siege & LoL


Turkish Smurf vs. Russian Smurf #rekt 😎

Lets have an afterparty, sorry that i had to cancel the previous giveaway because i lose 400$.
Now i (kinda) make it all back😊.
How to enter:
1. Follow @Turkish.lauch_csgo + @caesar.csgo
2. Like this post
3. Tag 3 friends
Extra Entry:
Repost #TRLauchAfterparty
1. Do NOT tag cs-pages
2. Do not enter twice (pls i have to filter
3. Ur account must have 20+ followers (to avoid bots)
GLHF giveaway can end in a week 😊

Fetonun anasını sikeyim.
Şehitlerimizin ruhları Şad olsun.

I fucking love this site😂
(No gambling advertisements sorry😊)

Kim yener?😊
Cred: Me
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Final Boss: @german.lauch_csgo .
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Ohh ne güzel gitti vallaha 🍖🍢 😎

Only 3% believed in SS (im in that 3% too)
And we fucking won😏
Bye bye SK

Offff amkk

Eid mubarak // Bayraminiz mubarek olsun😙
If you say "islam" people start thinking about ISIS, ISIS is not islam theyre Arabs using islam as excuse for terrorism its time that people start researching instead of watch media. (Btw bcz you hate Arabs dont blame whole islam, only about 20% of islam are Arabs)😊
Live in peace✌
And now all su and watch this clip

2K :D

TurkishLauch's clan join😂
Benim Clash of Clan klanıma gelin😇 😙

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