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Honeywell Garrett  The Official IG Account for Honeywell Garrett | Get Official Gear at GarrettGear.com | Apply for sponsorship today with the link below 👇👇👇

What car would you build into a hill climb monster? Enjoy this shot of the Honeywell Garrett Turbocharged Boyd Auto Racing Evo X! @turbobygarrett #TurboLife

If you could have one of these Honeywell Garrett Turbocharged cars, which would it be? Tag either @ryantuerck or @daiyoshihara below!

Photo by: @davidkarey
@turbobygarrett #TurboLife

2J powered roadster!!!! @youngbloodshotrods is going for a new speed record at Bonneville Speed Week. This combo can produce 700-1200 horsepower. What do you think of this combo? #garrettturbo

Tony Brakohiapa from his race up the summit of Pikes Peak!
@turbobygarrett #TurboLife

@ChrisForsberg64 's Twin Garrett G Series G25-660 Turbocharged 370z sliding the bank at Formula Drift Seattle!

Photo by: @davidkarey
@turbobygarrett #TurboLife #FDSEA

Nick and the red cup racing team are working on a few speed records here at Bonneville Speed Week with their turbo bikes. @limitengineering #garretturbo #speedweek @motolyric #TurboLifer

Whose a fan of Corey Hosford's Boss14 build? @Turbobygarrett #TurboLife @coreyhosford

Big power from @Daiyoshihara 's Honeywell Garrett Turbocharged Subaru BRZ, Tag Dai below if you are a fan!
Photo by: @davidkarey
@turbobygarrett #TurboLife

33 Liter V16 Freightliner out on the salt flats in Bonneville. They are the current record holder for modified diesel truck at 228.8MPH! #GarrettTurbo

Congratulations to International Drag Racer @topspeedua on the podium finish! @turbobygarrett #TurboLife

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RDRC stg2.l

Would you have the courage to race @dragsterfia ‘s Honeywell Garrett Turbocharged Bike at full throttle? Comment below 👇 @turbobygarrett #TurboLife 📸 @1388cc
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My last pass at Gardermoen, this was probably the most important and best run I ever made, not just cus it was a new personal best but because I got back on the bike after seeing my boyfriend @kimhilander have a horrible crash in almost 300km/h the day before, waiting for him to get out of surgery the night before and sitting beside him in the wake up room in the morning. He convinced me I needed to get back to the track and make a pass to not let this ruin my racing. I’m glad I listened to him and this pass down the track felt great... I’m ready to race again in two weeks 🏁
Thanks for capturing it @1388cc
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Spotted @greenspeedresearch on the salt flats today. This engine setup can run on diesel or safflower oil! #honeywellgarrett #bonnevillesaltflats

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