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Turbo the Hedgehog  Hello, my name is Turbo! I'm an African Pygmy Hedgehog. I'm from Tokyo, Japan. My birthday? Nov. 2013 TurboTheHedgie@gmail.com


Jan. 30 2017
Hi everyone!!! How are you?

Jan. 1 2017

23 Novembre 2016
Happy 3rd birthday✨✨✨

Oct. 21 2016
"I don't want to wake up...."
"I told you... don't make me angry..."
"GRRR! I want more beauty sleep!"

Oct. 11 2016
"now is getting cold!!!!"

Aug. 27 2016
"Good morning my friends... I want to go back to sleep... zzzz...."

May. 12 2016
"Getting my pretty nails clip by mommy!!"

Mar. 27 2016
"Hello everyone! Long time no see! My mummy's niece @felicity218 took this picture of me!"

Happy Valentine❤️

Having fun with Little Green Man!!!

Dec. 5 2015
"Hi everyone! How is everyone doing? Mommy is so busy lately with life and graduate school so she haven't had much chances to take pictures of me. Hope you all didn't forget about me! Have a nice day!"

Oct. 5 2015
"Time to study!!!"

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