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T U N A F I S H  BEST Rapper Producer �MabanoNexus X Tunafish � #ROHO MBAYA🎂 Out Now |LIVESOUNDS MUSIC INC.| 💌Tunamarcellin@gmail.com Fb twitt Snap@Tunafish Tunna


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Nachopenda Wanangu wanajua kutokea,na huu ni Mguu mpyaaa, vans thing, njoo DM,au piga hyo number,
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@chantaboy @chantaboy #kamwambie music video is out,big step son ,link @chantaboy , https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=g4B-VtC5gJw&feature=youtu.be

Rest in paradise legend
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I invest it,earn it,spend it...
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Am i late?helk no Happy earth day my beloved sister ,live long,kandila's family to the world @lissakandila

Unakuta mtu anataka wewe uhustle kisa tu ye alihustle,.hiyo ni ROHO MBAYA,link iko kwa bio, @tunafishtunna @mabano_nexus #sharingiscaring

Biggest producer in the world,Learnt lota things from ya hommie,,live long nigga @yogobeats

Executive Producer,Best Rapper ..startin ma morning like...
#morning #vibes #studio

One of the killer tracks out there,kipindi wao wanaendelea kugombana who is real who is fakin,we here gettin creative with classics.
@billnass @billnass #sinajambo
Prod by @daxochali

How do you call yaself fire while you don do fire works?
#studio #music #producerlife

Out here workin late,i see nobody on ma frontin,blessings on ma way
#studio #life

More thanks to my mother,i love her so much,happy born day to me,May God bless all mothers $ fathers in the world
#happy #birthday

Takin @mabano_nexus vocals,im using logic pro X,studio session...
#producer #life #music

Life is fiction, contradictions from competition Petty perceptions, all designed for misdirection It’s all a lotto, and we don’t win as far as I know But we still follow the cash like alcos follow the bottle Rich men put lies on the table, we can’t leave it Writing’s on the wall, we refuse to read it Time and time again we find ourselves defeated But we still act like we the lakers and repeat it We’re fated to being rated by people who made it As the ones to be hated cos we think our success is belated Still we trade our hatred for the lies that they all stated We’re shocked when there’s no payoff when we thought we’d made it. Instead we watch as more of our family are cremated Our love for they’re lies is still yet to be satiated By the time we find out, our lives are abbreviated So don’t be blind to the truth, hope my eyes don’t become shaded
#bars #music #rap #talent

Music is life,thankin God for life,live long champ @sarkodie1
#happybirthday #legend

I kall her heaven sent, always hakoseagi @angelmarytz be killin like kraziee,now this is too heavy, NEW JAM #CHEZA #dance ,link in @angelmarytz bio
#share #music #support#good #vibes #nostresseskuzshecanhandledem

Gurl yu killed dis trackk,..Beat up the p*** like a king kong,then watch her flip it like a ping pong😉, @trillaryofficial COME OVER MI YARD VidOUT NOW link in @trillaryofficial BIO
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We be killin from the south,Upper cuts sidekicks etc..😉here is another southern delight , @fobystar #ILA is lit ma nigga,link on @fobystar @fobystar @iam_riddy @c9kanjenje BIOZ
#goodmusic #support #feelings

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