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Claire: Illustrator  A Melbourne diary: Drawing, comics, brooches, vintage. Illustrator of 'Meet...Nellie Melba' published 2016


Working on some Collingwood sly grog customers for Coral & Mackenzie comic.
#coralandmackenzie #comic #tunabakedrawings #illustration

Sun's out - Swirl's out 🌞🌸🌼
#swirl #swirldress #vintagedress #vintageootd #truevintageootd #1950s #1950sdress

I thought I'd do a little series on early film actresses from Australia.
Mae Busch born Annie May Busch in Melbourne (1891 – 1946) was an Australian-born actress who worked in both silent and sound films in early Hollywood. In the latter part of her career, she appeared in many Laurel and Hardy comedies, where she frequently played Hardy's shrewish wife.
In 2014 the thought to be lost 1919 film which was the first feature to star Harry Houdini, The Grim Game, was discovered and restored; it featured Mae Busch.
*words adapted from Wikipedia
#tunabakedrawings #illustration #gouache #australianwomen #australianactress #silentfilmactress #maebusch

Book parade at school today and Miss A chose to go as Mary Anne from the recent Baby-Sitters Club graphic novels by @goraina ❤️
#thebabysittersclub #bookweek2017

A fantastic etched mirror we found at Coburg Trash and Treasure today. Just cleaning it with vinegar and water - she came up a treat 🏡
#1940s #etchedmirror

I now have 2 casual jobs (illustration doesn't pay the bills or holidays or sweet treats) I'm noticing a few differences from the last time I worked in retail....which was a loooong time ago and I'm feeling old 😬😄 I miss the 'clunk' and 'ting' of the old tills.
#tunabakedrawings #sketch #cartoon #illustration

Trying on tonight's dress (I always check the morning before I wear one of my vintage dresses to make sure there are no seems or missing beads that need mending etc. After all they are over 70 years old) ✨🌙
#vintagedress #1940s #1940sdress

Practicing with inks again and just 2 colours.
#tunabakedrawings #sketch #selfportrait #inkandbrush

The only fun thing about the tail end of winter, is double brooching.
#noveltybrooch #vintagebrooch

Playing around with a Sharpie and gouache ⚫️⚪️⚫️⚪️⚫️
#tunabakedrawings #sketch

Way Back When Wednesday 😄 naaahh only 3 years ago, but it came up in my FB feed and thought it was funny.
We were on our way to a friends 'Op Shop Prom' Party 💓💓

Playsuitarama! On this cold, grey day a fantastically bright playsuit arrived from @smallearthvintage thank you Karen, it will be coming out in another 8 weeks ❤️🌞
#vintageplaysuit #1960s

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