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happy hour comes early around here sometimes.
but hey, we’ve been working hard all week on various projects, we’ve earned it!

an early morning Spring sail on Luna today.
no better way to start the day.

lately, truly, i have been so overwhelmed by the magic that my life holds within it's many varied crevices. the amount of blessings i am unable to number, the relationships i have, the growth in areas that used to be dormant, the places i get to go to, the experiences i get to have... but then i also feel as though this is a circumstance of chosen perspective. what we focus on is what we embody and becomes our reality more often than not.
places of gratitude and contentment are always the goal, though they are often harder to hold onto in some seasons.
i'm not sure if the current seasons holdings are brought with ease due to that change in perspective or because of an earned resilience through hard times gone past.
no matter.
the present is here and it's all i've been given so to be here and grounded and centered in that, in this now, is the place i'm finding most of that magic.

watching our friends sail in on the bay is one of our favorite things (so much so that sometimes our fingers get in the way of the camera when we're trying to take a picture).

Peter's boat 'Nip' after a good day of sailing.
how lucky are we to have so many friends, old and new, who have such a deep understanding and love (and dare i say obsession?) for the water like we do? here's to all who made the weekend the experience of connection and adventure and fun that it was.

the official first sail of the season.
there will be a whole weekend of it so stay tuned for videos and photos galore. we're ready to see where the wind will take us.

the textures of water life are always so captivating. and what is about the broken and flawed pieces of nature that seem all the more beautiful?
we hope you find some time to step outside today. even if it's just for ten minutes to get a breath or two of fresh air.

we both have big heads so good hats are hard to come by. (and what is a sailor without some sort of hat??) we like to think it's because of our mighty brains. ;)

a 19th-early 20th century navigational chart from the Marshallese people.
@agirlnamedleney saw this in @metmuseum in New York last month (because she's always on the go---can't keep her tied down that one) and it's been on our minds ever since. wouldn't it be a beautiful piece of art just hanging on your wall?
learn more about it below...
in the Marshall Islands, navigation was, and remains, an essential skill on which the lives of the navigators and all who sailed with them depended. in the past, knowledge of the art of navigation was a closely guarded secret handed down within certain chiefly families. to assist in recalling and imparting aspects of navigational knowledge, navigators constructed diagrams representing different portions of the archipelago. made from the sticklike midribs of coconut palm fronds, these objects were memory aids, created for personal use or to instruct novices, and the significance of each was known only to its maker. the charts were exclusively used on land, prior to a voyage. to carry one at sea would put a navigator's skill in question.
the charts indicate the positions of islands, but they primarily record features of the sea. Marshallese navigation was based largely on the detection and interpretation of the patterns of ocean swells. much as a stone thrown into a pond produces ripples, islands alter the orientation of the waves that strike them, creating characteristic swell patterns that can be detected and used to guide a vessel to land. it is the presence and intersection of swells and other aquatic phenomena, such as currents, that are primarily marked on the charts.

a newer member of the fleet--i don't think we're keeping count anymore... #daughterofasailor

the people in your life are the most important thing. it isn't really about the place and it's definitely not about the stuff or any of the details or in-between bits really. it's just about them. and how lucky you are that you're part of their life and that they're a part of yours.

waiting for Spring like...


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