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A few little video clips from the weekend. Can never really capture these adventures fully but that never stops me from tryin.

Urbanna was right around the point, but we decided this was a better stop. Can't beat a good swim on a little baby beach on a sunny day.

Yesterday's early morning view. The Sailor and I drove down to Belle Isle State Park Thursday for a few days sailing with some friends. I hadn't been sailing since April so getting back out on the water was nothing short of a joyful reunion for me. What's more, I hadn't slept in Una since fall of 2014 as we usually camp on shore when we both are sailing. However, after a good days sail, afternoon swim, and a few teacups of whiskey on the rocks after dinner, we crammed in here Thursday night under the tent that my Dad custom made for her (to keep off the morning dew). It was cramped and not the soundest or best sleep, however I have to say that I never really mind this sort of thing... Waking up to this is part of it. But I think the other part is just simply the adventure and the variance of it. Usually I would just rather be doing just about the opposite of whatever it is the majority is doing. Call me a rebel, or probably more accurately: an idiot, I guess but no matter how uncomfortable it can get I would just rather be in a boat than not. •

these are all from the Caribbean— a place i flew to on a plane and then sailed around in on a sailboat with my sailor of a father and some of our extended sailing family. i was so young when we went but i still remember little vignettes of that trip and what an amazing adventure it was. these have been in a box for years and pulling them out for the first time in at least a decade, i recognize and remember each and every one. i played and rearranged these beautiful bits of nature endlessly when i was younger. only being able to bring a select few home, i truly valued and treasured what i kept of this little collection. looking through them has brought me an odd amount of joy this week. i need to figure out a way to display them that won't look beach-house cheesy and that will allow for their beauty to be showcased and admired! any ideas friends? 🐚 —@agirlnamedleney


side effects of being the #daughterofasailor

Stoked on Monday like....

Let's do this week proud friends. Work hard and remember what it is you're working for.

The figuring out and building of dreams continues...


could not be more thankful to be the daughter of this sailor.

A sail to Cape Lookout with #aboatnameduna was had earlier this week. Details of the adventure and corresponding video on The Sailor's blog: www.lingeringlunacy.com

It's all about perspective.
Wherever you are.
Remember that friends. ⛵️

Happy Monday from #apuppynamedhuck!
Hopefully you have a better attitude about the new week than he does...
Make it a good one friends.


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