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توليب العجمية 😉  alive since 1992 SQU graduated 🎓 From: Oman مصممة صور 😊🌷 كل الصور حلالكم شرط عدم إزالة الحقوق 💜 فولو أبو 5 دقايق خلوه لكم 😜👎

آقتربت نفحـًـٍآآت الجنآن ،،
وستغلق آبواب النيرآن

فَـ لنجتهـَد / فَـ لنجتهًد [.. لعله آخـًر رمضآن ..]♡
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"مرات اكتشف ان تصرفاتي فعلاً تقهر بس احسن تستاهلوا💀🔥"..
مساء الخير 🌹🌹

Thanks all followers 💕🌹
#iconsquare #memoicono #instagram #insta #video

I have been tagged to write 20 facts about me.. 1. My name isn't tulip, it just ma nickname 🙋😜.
2. I was born on 1992 in Muscat.
3. I love design and photoshop, it is my love, although that I am studying another specialty at the university 📚😁.
4. when ppl see me at the fst time they think I'm shy person, but I'm quite the opposite 😂💔.
5. seriously, i'm eating all the time but never get weight. I weigh only 38 kgs 🙊🔪.
6. My frnds r crazy 😂👊 but I luv them so much 😍❤.
7. I prefer to sit with kids, I find it more enjoyable than being with adults 👼.
9. I've a pet, his name is joja 🐈💜.
10. I luv crazy fashion and l always watch it, but I'm never gonna wear it 👗👠.
11. I still watching sponge Pop, don't tell anyone 😂🙊.
12. When I feel angry I eat chocolate and feel better 😋🍫.
13. I hate Kim Kardashian 😂🏃🏃.
14. I hope to travel to Japan ✈🇯🇵
15. I love chopping onions and whole cooking 😢🍅🍈🔪.
16. I like criminal series 🔫🔪.
17. I luv makeup, but nobody encourages me 😂💄💅.
18. it is Impossible a week passes without i go 2 the sea, it make me feel comfortable 🏄.
19. I luv football games and PSP 🎮⚽😍.
20. finally, I'm engaged 🙊💍.
That's all, I dunno what 2 say more 😁😁..
All ppl who I tagged answer plz 😘😘❤

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