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TU Delft  Life at Delft University of Technology through the eyes of our students and researchers | #TheWeekOf | More #TUDelft campus? @TUDelftOnCampus

#Lichtjesavond (Evening of lights) in the city center of #Delft. What started as an attempt to attract customers for Christmas shopping in 1998 has grown into one of the biggest events of Delft. Besides the live music, Christmas market and short theatre plays this large event also shows innovative light project of #TUDelft students. Photo credit: Marja Van Bijsterveldt, Mayor of Delft

The week of - RECRUIT: "It has been an extremely hectic week. Our research went very well. MSc student Focco Vons had many firsts: first coral spawning, first dolphin encounters, first microscope inspections of coral larvae, etc. Furthermore we were blessed with massive media attention in the Nederlands.
Thanks again everybody for your kind messages and support! Thanks also to the excellent crew of PT Fortitude. You made our work so easy. We couldn't have done it without you!! Hopefully we can soon report some kind of follow-up of the work we completed this week. Here is our goodbye photo.
RECRUIT out!" #TUDelft #TheWeekOf #TugLife #GreatBarrierReef #CoralSpawning #RECRUIT #CSIRO #RoyalVanOord

The week of - RECRUIT: "We are nearing the end of our very exiting field trip to the Great Barrier Reef. We basically managed to successfully complete all the tests we aimed to complete before we came here. Some settlement has already been observed. We are confident levels will increase further in the coming one and a half day. Finally the activity level is calming down a bit." #TUDelft #TheWeekOf #RoyalVanOord #CSIRO #CoralSpawning #TugLife

The week of - RECRUIT: "All pumping experiments have been completed today. We had the good fortune of extremely calm weather, which greatly helped our efforts. Now it is time to collect data. Here you see the whole team working in the lab." #TUDelft #TheWeekOf #RoyalVanOord #CSIRO #GreatBarrierReef #CoralSpawning

The week of - RECRUIT: "On board colonies are spawning now. Another large amount of fertilised eggs on board the PT Fortitude." #TUDelft #TheWeekOf #RoyalVanOord #GreatBarrierReef #TugLife #CoralSpawning

The week of - RECRUIT: "Fieldwork always requires some McGyvering. Some examples:

See legendary Russ Babcock proudly handle 'The Babcock' for deep tank sampling. Named after him by the RECRUIT team to honour his high level craftmanship in constructing it.

And of course 'The Great Gandalf'. Indispensable to facilitate late night high stress water level measurements." #TUDelft #TheWeekOf #RoyalVanOord

The week of - RECRUIT: "Helicopter scanning for spawn slicks after yesterday's mass spawning. The weather was perfectly calm so they were easy to find!" #TUDelft #TheWeekOf #RoyalVanOord

The week of - RECRUIT: "Four pump tests completed! The team is very happy, but tired. Still some counting and cleaning to do. Then to sleep. Tomorrow we'll go slick hunting with the helicopter 👍. Never a full moment." #TUDelft #TheWeekOf #RoyalVanOord

The week of - RECRUIT: "Success!!! We managed to collect a huge amount of slick from the sea surface. Here are four buckets full of embryo's for the first four pumping tests!" #TUDelft #TheWeekOf

The week of - RECRUIT: "The previous team picture was not centered properly. Here a picture of the whole team together 👍." #TUDelft #TheWeekOf

The week of - RECRUIT: "TUDelft MSc student Focco Vons inspects larval development from the little dribble of coral gametes that came of our research corals last night. Fingers crossed if tonight is going to be the night the reef will spawn 🤞. Waiting for things to get hectic!" #TUDelft #TheWeekOf

The week of - RECRUIT: "Some slicks we found this morning near the Heron island jetty. In the end this was just a little bit, and not the kind of slick we were looking for, but it is the kind of thing that gets our adrenaline going!!" #TUDelft #TheWeekOf

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