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TU Delft  Life at Delft University of Technology through the eyes of our students and researchers | #TheWeekOf | More #TUDelft campus? @TUDelftOnCampus

In one week, dreamteam @projectmarch will compete in the Cybathlon in Dusseldorf.  Over the last year they constructed an exoskeleton which allows paraplegic patients to walk again. At the Cybathlon their exoskeleton, the MARCH III,  and its user will need to perform several tasks to show the abilities of the exoskeleton. These tasks include movements which a paraplegic patient can no longer perform. Movements like walking the stairs or standing up from a chair. This video shows the paraplegic user in the exoskeleton walking up a slope in preparation for next week’s competition.

The week of - Tsunami reconstruction Japan. “Today, we had technical site visits in Otsuchi. When the tsunami in 2011 hit, the sea walls were 6 m high, not enough to protect the city. 7 years on, many stakeholders have come together to reinforce the protection of the seashore by increasing the height to 14,5 m. However, this huge concrete wall has enclosed the city and disconnected the citizens from the water. Today was clear how important it is to involve the citizens, and that we as future engineers should try to achieve a livable city for the people who are really living here” #tudelft #theweekof #japan #hydraulics #geoengineering #seawalls #dike #tsunami

The week of - Tsunami reconstruction Japan. “Today, we received some interesting lectures from Mio, a CEO from a local NGO in Otsuchi. Now, we are in front of the town hall, which has been preserved to find hope for some people but for others this building is a reminder of the danger of the tsunami. Later we experienced the steep evacuation route ourselves thinking about the kind of decisions that the family members had to make in order to preserve the most lives. Imagine you are in the middle of the cold month of March escaping from a tsunami, what would you have done; stay with the people that cannot go any longer or save yourself?” #tudelft #theweekof #japan #tsunami2011🇯🇵

Students of the dreamteam @daretudelft started their most ambitious project ever with the Stratos IV sounding rocket, which builds on the design of its predecessor Stratos III. The goal: being the first student team in the world to reach space in 2019! 🚀🌜🌟

The week of - Tsunami reconstruction Japan. “And here we are, a multidisciplinary group from the faculties of architecture and civil engineering together with the University of Tokyo and Waseda. We arrived this week in otsuchi, which is an earthquake and tsunami prone town in the region of Tohoku, Japan. Our main purpose is to learn lessons from the Reconstruction of the Japanese coasts destroyed by tsunami in 2011. Japan is the world most disaster resilient society, from which we can learn lessons to reduce the vulnerability of our own countries to natural disasters. This project is funded by Tudelft’s delta infrastructure and mobility initiative (DIMI).” #tudelft #theweekof #japan #tsunami #reconstruction

The week of - @hptdelft “We did it! We both ended up 1st and 2nd place at the World Human Powered Speed Challenge 2018🏆! We are very proud of the team, our athletes and the results ☺️” #Theweekof #VUAmsterdam #TUDelft #champion #students #bike #velox8 #cycling 📸: @bas.de.meijer

The week of - @hptdelft “When our athlete finishes the race she has to be caught by the team 🏁. Our catching team can then prevent she falls down 😇!” #Theweekof #TUDelft #VUAmsterdam #students #bike #velox8 #WHSPC 📸: @bas.de.meijer

The week of - @hptdelft “Even during the World Human Powered Speed Challenge our team had to work together to fix the shell of the VeloX 😮. Due to one of the athletes falling down the shell was scratched. Luckily our aerodynamics department could fix it and we are ready to race again🎉!” #VUAmsterdam #TUdelft #theweekof #bike #WHSPC #velox8 #students #aerodynamic @vuamsterdam 📸: @bas.de.meijer

The week of - @hptdelft “Throwback 🔙: Our athletes travelled to the United States three weeks before the rest of the team arrived🇺🇸. Why? So they already got used to the different conditions they would have to face in Battle Mountain due to the elevation⛰! This is done in order to improve their physical performances 😊.” #TheWeekOf #VUAmsterdam #TUDelft #fastbike @vuamsterdam #students
📸: @bas.de.meijer

The Week Of - @hptdelft “During the race we race with two types of shells. The race shell is just white. The partner shell has more air resistance due to the stickers on the shell 🤓. Therefore we use a clean white one to go as fast as possible!✨” #TheWeekOf #students #bike #breakingtherecord #velox8 #TUDelft #VUAmsterdam @vuamsterdam 📸: @bas.de.meijer

The week of - @hptdelft “The Human Power Team is a collaboration of the VU Amsterdam and the TU Delft 👥. The students from the VU Amsterdam have trained our athletes for a full year to get them as fit as possible 😇!!” #TheWeekOf #TUDelft #VUAmsterdam #fastbike #training #breakingtherecord #velox8 #WHSPC @vuamsterdam
📸: @bas.de.meijer

The week of - @hptdelft “We’re already halfway through the racing week🚴‍♀️. During our third racing day our athletes managed to reach speeds up to 119 km/h 😱. We’re getting closer to the world record!!!💪🏻” #TUDelft #TheWeekOf #VUAmsterdam #fastbicycle #WHSPC #breakingtherecord #students #velox8
📸: @bas.de.meijer

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