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TucWatkins  I like radio magic

My dad and my son love to go fishing. (It skips a generation)

Hansel & Gretel cleaning up “post-witch incident.”

Happy Birthday to @salmahayek! We were born same day/month/year. But she needs less assistance to look her best self.

My birthday started like this. 🧡

Kansas City. Where meat meets music.

Seriously, what could this scene possibly have been about? #WhatTheHeck?
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Another summer throwback! Many wanted David Vickers (@TucWatkins) as their pool boy back in the day. Here he is with Viki (Erika Slezak). This aired in July of 2011!
Image: JPI
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Our foursome is back in KC!

👍🏼 @boysbandbway
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...see what happens when you cast MBW in your show...? I get you your money back, Producers. Just sayin’. #imavailable

From all of us @boysbandbway thanks for coming to the party. ❣️

@reneeelisegoldsberry came to say hi @andrewrannells , me & the rest of @boysbandbway. She was my corrupt lawyer on @onelifetolive 💕

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