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TucWatkins  I like radio magic

“A half-kitty, half-mermaid with a sun cake please.” Happy 6th Birthday, Catchen!

“I want a volcano with lava, and dinosaurs, and a lake, and trees, and chocolate cake for the earth, and chocolate icing for the soil.” Happy 6th Birthday, Curtis!

Spartan Race results posted. I got first place! [well, in my age bracket, but heck!] A good reminder that it’s not too late to meet my best self. #MakingSmarterChoices


Santa Monica beach in Dec! 🚫❄️


If you’re in Glendale tonight...STOP.

#Repost @davidfumero with @get_repost
Park Cindy(#5pullups10pushups15squats) with these dudes!! Under 21 min...getting there! 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

Greta & Gunther Grünberg are still trying to wrap their heads around the rules to “Freeze Tag.”

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