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TucWatkins  I like radio magic

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I was so thrilled to get to be a part of a recording breaking Broadway Bares last night. Congratulations to all the amazing, hard working performers that took part this year!

The future arrives in Spring 2019. So cool. #TheVessel #TheShed #HudsonYards

Thank you C&C for making my #HappyFathersDay a reality!

My dad. My son. #LuckyMe #HappyFathersDay

May your #FathersDay feel something like this. 💕

My kids got me “boy makeup” for Father’s Day! (😳)

“Curtis, please come stand over here for a family photo.”

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Hear my Town Hall with the Broadway cast of #boysintheband today on @radioandysxm & on anytime demand on the @siriusxm App!

We each have our own method.

You never know what you’ll run into in New York City. #ConversationStarter 👍🏼

Spring shower at Turtle Pond.

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