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TucWatkins  I like radio magic

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First rule of Uncle/Niece Fight Club: Tell all your girlfriends.

They offer a course in this at The School of Redundancy School.

“The weight of any element liberated during electrolysis is proportional to the quantity of electricity passing through the nucleus. I mean, duh.”

Dressed separately, but think alike.

H2Oproof MP3 player headphones?! Thanks, Santa.

Sunday Morning Dance Break

Vegetarian Snowman

G’night Xmas ornaments. See you in 11 months. (I was told to sit with my legs crossed “Indian style” for this photo. While we agree that’s a politically incorrect term now, was it altogether incorrect for this particular photo in this particular outfit?)

Wearing her house coat to work hasn’t gotten Ethel Evermore fired, but napping at the circulation desk just might.

Feeling inspired to grow out my mullet.

New Year’s leap into the “E.Coli Pit of Good Fortune!” Thankful for so many new people and experiences this year. 2018 has been a real game changer. VERY excited for 2019…

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