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Former First Lady Barbara Bush gone at 92. #Tucker @foxnews

Alan Dershowitz: James Comey's book is about revenge, gossip and making money. #Tucker @foxnews

Tucker: why would a "white supremacist" country import Africans in large numbers and then pay for them to live here? #FlashbackFriday #Tucker @foxnews

Break up of California moves a step closer. #Tucker @foxnews

It’s time for #FinalExam! Brett Larson is back after his spectacular 4-1 win last week. Today he’s up against Katie Frates! #Tucker @foxnews

Young people with student loans are far less likely to buy cars or homes, get married or have children than their parents' generation was. Their attitudes are different too. When you see polls showing that young people prefer socialism to capitalism, student loan debt is one of the big reasons why. #Tucker @foxnews

Is college still worth it? For some the answer is obviously yes. But what about the rest of us? #Tucker @foxnews

DC and the mainstream media are hungry for war in Syria. But don't disagree with them. We've all been told to shut up and obey. #Tucker @foxnews

PANDAS EXPOSED: They're aggressive and sex-crazed. #Tucker @foxnews

Facebook already knows a terrifying amount about you, but they want more. Facebook reportedly sought anonymized medical records from several U.s. hospitals for unknown research purposes. Of course, not just Facebook will get that info. #Tucker @foxnews

In weird news... zombie raccoons? #Tucker @foxnews

In recent years, the U.S. has spent hundreds of millions of dollars helping Jordan, Egypt, Israel, and Libya protect their borders. That's great, says the Morning Joe panel. But defending our own borders is a crime against humanity. Your son is welcome to die in Syria, as one American soldier already has. But defending America? Totally and completely immoral. #Tucker @foxnews

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