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That's Joe Biden from the 1991 Clarence Thomas hearings. Biden was on the other side of the debate then, so naturally he had completely different views from the ones he holds now. What hasn't changed are the inherent limits of an FBI investigation. Democrats know that, but so what? Proving or disproving a recovered memory isn't the point. The point is destroying Brett Kavanaugh.

There are more allegations, consistent in many ways with the allegations we have already heard. Leading Democrats are calling these new claims "powerful," "compelling" and "highly credible." They are all but daring Republicans to question the new accusers. The victims, they say, must be believed. Here's a selection of the charges:

Congratulations to TCT #FinalExam Champion @shannonbream on winning the coveted crown! You’re the official Queen of News! #Tucker @foxnews

TONIGHT: It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for....the TCT #FinalExam Championship is here! The show’s top contestants @shannonbream vs. @katiepavlich battle for the crown. Who will be the #FinalExam queen? Tune in for the championship tonight at 8 PM EST only on #Tucker ✨🥂👑

A U.S. official exclusively told Tucker Carlson Tonight Tuesday night that the FBI will not investigate Christine Blasey Ford’s sexual assault allegation as it is not a federal crime. The FBI will only investigate the alleged incident if the White House asks for that to occur, the official said. #Tucker @foxnews

Weird Story of the Week: The mysterious closure of the Sunspot Solar Observatory in New Mexico. #TCTInvestigates #Tucker @foxnews

Tucker to Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer: Answer my question. Why are you rich and your client is working in seedy strip clubs? #Tucker @foxnews

Nancy Pelosi brags that she'll soon be speaker of the house again. She may be. Pelosi could do a lot for the country by speaking out against this this ominous trend. It wouldn't take much. Just five words: "political violence is never justified." Hold a press conference and say it. Repeat it with vehemence. People would listen. It's might even help her politically. Doing the right thing usually does. We'll see if she does it. #Tucker @foxnews

The president is elected; his employees are not. It's also clear that there is rot at the highest levels of American law enforcement. We place tremendous trust in the FBI, because they hold tremendous power over us. Some of them are using that power to spy on Americans, and then leak information about it to the press. That’s the worst kind of abuse of power. Yet the left still defends it. Why is that? #Tucker @foxnews

This summer, Congresswoman Maxine Waters urged her supporters to harass trump administration officials if they dare to appear in public. Now, Waters has doubled down, saying she threatens Trump's supporters "all the time". #Tucker @foxnews

The New York Times published a remarkable op-ed today. The piece, written anonymously, is the work of someone who claims to be an official inside the Trump administration, a member of the underground resistance within the West Wing... We’ve seen this before. So many in our political class are disloyal to voters. The very people in charge of administering our democracy, don’t believe in democracy. That’s a problem. In fact it’s unsustainable.

He “sacrificed everything” #colinkaepernick #kaepernick #nike

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