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Shasti Jain (@shastijain) from New Delhi writes a #Select [ musing ] on 'Insufficient'
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It's almost a tradition every Diwali to leave stuff for the last minute - be it cleaning the house, buying new clothes, shopping for gifts, designing rangolis, and so on.
This year, with @amazondotin , we say karo #DiwaliKiTayyari so you spend less time playing catch-up & more time celebrating!

Have a Diwali story of your own? Tell us about it in a comment at https://www.facebook.com/AmazonIN/ (link in bio)

Amrit Paul (@ambrosiatarsus) from Kolkata writes a #Collaboration [ 140 ] on #DiwaliKiTayyari

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Suhasini Barman (@happypill6) from Kolkata writes a #Collaboration [ 140 ] on #UnconditionalWarranty

10 YEARS FROM NOW- Sanjana Singh (@blabberer_on_loose)
10 years from now, you and I,
will be different people. ‘We’ will be different people.

I will not call you every day to make sure
that you’ve eaten your lunch.
You will stop noticing the colour
of my lipstick or my new dress.

I will forget to kiss you in the morning,
as you leave for work.
Our weekends would go by with me preparing muffins for the children and you,
fixing the bathroom leak.

I will not ask you about your day
and you won’t wait for me.
I will eat my dinner at 8 and you
will reheat the food from the refrigerator
and have it by yourself under the dim kitchen light.
Our ‘I love you’s will shorten to quick ‘Love ya’s.

10 years from now,
one thing I know will be the same.
Every night, around 2 am, I’ll turn
towards you in my sleep and your
arms will pull me to the same warm breath
on my forehead. And we’ll be back in our time.

That’s how it always was.
That’s how it always will be

Hello Dubai,

For long you’ve been asking us if we’d ever come visit you in another country. We had your workshop requests, and we felt it’s time we answered them. So we’re packing our bags with our stories, and conducting our first set of international workshops, for you.

Our first round of overseas workshops is happening in Dubai this October.
Join us as we take you through the journey of TTT, explore the world of microfiction, share stories, and of course, write.

We can’t wait to be there.

Team TTT

THE MURDER SHE WROTE - Sahana Sehgal (@wop_wop93)
I opened the door and quietly sneaked in.
They were sitting by the television, oblivious.
They must remain so; they must not know.
I went to bathroom, took a hot shower,
I crawled into the bed and prayed for strength.
I was nervous, still not sorry though.
It all happened so fast; it was due a long time, 
I could hear the opening credit score 
from the television, still oblivious.
I crawled out of bed, stood in front of the mirror,
and practised my look of surprise and terror.
Should I cry? Would that be too much?
Yes, I was a lover, I must cry, 
it won't hold true otherwise.
Should I put up a hysterical show 
or an elegant number of tears.
I am not surprised; 
I always appreciated a good drama.
There is a sharp knock on the door, 
the peeling of the bell. 
I get back under the covers; eyes bound shut. 
My mother enters my room, ‘the police is here,' she whispers. 
I stir awake; I should be a professional actress, 
I walk down the stairs, 
staring fixedly at the cops, downstairs. 
My mother’s already crying, 
and my father’s staring at me. 
I have a plan, they still don’t know, 
and it must remain so.
The policeman walks up to me 
and reads me my rights. 
I squint, shouldn't they first inform me of the crime?
The man in blue reads my eyes and points at the stairs. 
I turn around to bloody footprints 
and realise I forgot to wipe my shoes.

ME TOO - Tapoja Roy (@tapojaroy)
As important as it is to talk about sexual harassment and any forms of abuse, I’m always scared of trends. And the itch to dive into one.

I’m not sure if a simple copy-paste downplays the trauma, the terror or the self-doubts that different women go through. If a single hashtag or a sentence could combine all the different kinds of harassment that a woman faces at home, workplace, in transport, in departmental stores, then it dilutes the larger issue by putting everything under one umbrella.

Most importantly, I hope no one uses this to not feel left out. I’m not saying women are doing it already and eventually, such a case may be rare and an exception but it’s important that everyone feels the amount of responsibility they carry with this one simple hashtag. Because we’re gathering proof. Evidence. Because behind every harassed, there is a harasser and we’re marking them in numbers.

So, before we collectively hit a simple ‘share’, let’s look at what it stands for.

Every girl you’ve known has faced cases of harassment in varying degrees. But how many do you know who have been the perpetrators? We’ve taken a roll call of the victims but if we try a little harder, outside of our world of hashtags, maybe we’ll find the source of the problems too and take accountability of them, where needed.

Everyone who has shared the ‘me too’, trust me, I want to know your story, how it changed you. How you avoid the window seat of the bus when it was once your favorite because someone had slid their hand to grope you from behind in an almost empty bus. Tell me how the truck driver watches the sweat trickle down your neck when you’re sitting in that auto on your way to earn your living. And tell me how the sounds of marital rape would keep you awake. It did. And if we think, none of this matters and that they don’t accumulate to shape who we’ve become, then we’re delusional.

What has begun now shouldn’t die. An uproar like this shouldn’t be like the sea playing out the tides, waiting for the waves to strike.


It's almost a tradition every Diwali to leave stuff for the last minute - be it cleaning the house, buying new clothes, shopping for gifts, designing rangolis, and so on.
This year, with @amazondotin , we say karo #DiwaliKiTayyari so you spend less time playing catch-up & more time celebrating!
Have a Diwali story of your own? Tell us about it in a comment at http://bit.ly/diwalikitayyari3 (link in bio)

Terribly Tiny Tales writes a #Collaboration [ 140 ] on #DiwaliKiTayyari

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