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pip the friendly alien ks  good lucky 🐇 Australia, Melbourne, 19 wannabe cosplayer fb: tsuruko the alien business: tsuruko.contact@gmail.com


Jumper by and edit by @morigalaxy 🤠

Here's a repost of one of my old pics
I am working all day all week and it is Monday now, my only day off is next Sunday so I'm praying I can get shit done fml

Fanart by @i_rax_bi ❤️❤️❤️❤️

all I can say is....... if u plan on taking photos with flash, don't use innisfree setting powder unless ur really super pale already 😳

I'm so fucking out of it I'm reposting old pics without even realising fml

goodbye I'm dying of cold


I poisoned myself for this
Here's a swipe 👉🏻 comparison of my Genocider Syo costest (I fucked up and put the mole on the wrong side) and Toko Fukawa cosplay
I left my actual uniform top somewhere else so I just had to use my nico shirt for this

Fanart by @kitsu.baby ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Brit is making us tea because i be deadeth

Hair be short


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