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pip the 3D bitch ks  good lucky 🐇 Australia, Melbourne, 19 wannabe cosplayer fb: tsuruko the alien Patreon ⬇️

Are we edgy in here or what fellas

on the left is a picture out of cosplay: no makeup, no circle lenses or anything else

and the pic on the right is with all that in cosplay 🤠

My real hair is long enough to tie up now so it’s in a little ponytail you can’t see 👍🏻

why does Instagram keep shitting it’s britches repeatedly

punished tsuruko

let’s get edgy boys

Redwood Bear 🐻 what’s your favourite animal?

New forest set released on Patreon! If you would like to see the unfiltered version of this pic, the rest of the set + all the other photo sets, AND join my private discord, click the link in my bio to check it out 🤠

what country are you from? 🤠

I’m thinking about wearing seifuku more often 🤔 I’ve always been a big fan of seifuku and JK fashion and there’s no time like the present

If u could be any character, who would u be?

Tbh I would be Bayonetta

do u listen to vocaloid 🔊tell me ur fav producers/vocaloids🔊

My fav producers are Sasakure.uk, kikuo, maretu, siinamota, nayutalien, hachi, Pinocchio P and cosmo P
I like almost all JP vocaloids but my personal favourites r Gakupo, vy2, IA and Otomachi Una all have really nice voices 🎵

herro everyone
I still don’t really know what I want to do with this account
For those not caught up, I still love cosplay/fashion etc, but I feel like this account doesn’t really show who I am anymore. For the past 8 or so months it hasn’t felt like me at all; I actually feel a huge disconnect looking at it. I’ve been thinking about it for a very long time, and I feel like a conclusion is coming soon 🤠
I’m just not “tsuruko” if that makes sense. I’ve had this account for about 4 years now and I feel like I could be doing this better

In a way that looks better and makes me feel happy and not stressed about it
So thanks everyone for ur patience

fuckin spankin fantastic amazing great art of me by @siss_ill on twitter

I implore you follow them

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