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pip the friendly alien ks  good lucky 🐇 Australia, Melbourne, 19 wannabe cosplayer fb: tsuruko the alien Patreon ⬇️


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Dune (hachi) is a really good song

So, my friend @venus_angelic made a post yesterday, asking those who wanted it if they would like to support me on patreon. Though on my posts I got nothing but support, unfortunately, on Venus' post, everyone got pretty mad over what seems to be a very big misunderstanding. Many seem to be under the impression that I am "begging" for free money. I assume they don't know what patreon is, or haven't checked what I actually have linked on my page. So I'll explain what patreon is, and what I'm doing with it. Patreon is a website where fans can pledge a certain amount per month in exchange for rewards. There are different tiers, and different rewards depending on what you pledge. I am using patreon for my fans who have asked me to make one, as they either want to support me, or want more content than I post on my social medias. Not everyone wants to, or can pledge. This is absolutely fine; you have no obligation to whatsoever. I'm not dying, I'm not starving, I'm not sick. Many people believe that cosplay is my job, and often make demands of me; this is simply for the fans who wish to see more content from me. That's all.

Also, people seem to be under the impression I live in luxury (?) I'm not sure where they got that impression, but... no. I'm obviously not going to divulge all my personal information, but I do not live with my parents, I am a full time casual and work basically all the time, and my money I spend is mine. I do not receive financial support. Though many seemed to have used the "I'm worse off than you!!!" Card, that's perfectly fine. I am not asking you to pledge to my patreon. That would be rather impractical as you seem to be struggling, and you don't like me or my content. That's the way it is, and I don't expect you to follow me, let alone pledge.
As for the clothes and cosplays I receive; I don't buy these. As many fashion and beauty bloggers know, sponsorship offers are something that gradually increases with follower count. I don't accept all of them, but 99% of what I showcase to you, I didn't pay for. There's no way I would be able to afford all the things I receive in sponsorship, and I am very grateful.
Thanks for reading.

I really want to make videos and make more time for cosplaying, I really want to get into learning how to sew so I can make my own cosplays. I have no time due to working full time and I'm so isolated from everyone who can help, it's a bit disheartening.
This was just a vent, but anyone who is interested in helping me along, my patreon is linked in my Instagram bio.
Shirt from @morigalaxy

Collab with @mikan.mandarin for @morigalaxy cat and dog shirts
good shit and use code "tsuruko" for MORE percent off than mikan's code thanks

Shirt from @akibento

more of this coming soon 💙🐈

I really wish I suited Rin better she's one of my best girls

Lemme get a uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

no content here folks

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