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*calls the police on the roller coaster ~Anime: Haganai

What a lazy day it has been today. work tomorrow and then off again on thanksgiving. yay ~Anime: K-On!

she's so far my favorite tbh. she's so adorable and her design is pretty cute. 😄💙 ~Anime: Conception

she is so adorable but this is too lewd >.< ~Anime: Conception

and about 3/4 of the world failed no nut November because of this scene. tooo lewd! >.< censor this dammit ! >.< !! ~Anime: Conception

did you get her myspace? 😲 .. D-Do the cool kids still use myspace? :0 ~Anime: Tsuki ga Kirei

God i never get tired of her just looking at him with such curiosity >.< ❤️ she like hiiiiiimm heheheheheeeeee >.< ~Anime: Tsuki ga Kirei

ill be re watching Tsuki ga Kirei now (: like i did with Papa no Iukoto, I'll be giving it my thoughts about the anime and why it's one of my favorite romantic anime ive seen. its on myanimelist(link on my bio) so you can see all the info about it. its so goood >.< ~Anime: Tsuki ga Kirei

Paying rent. Car insurance. Gas. Electricity, water, food, clothing. Realizing that all the food you used to hate as a kid now appreciate it for filling your stomach up. ~Anime: Papa no Iukoto

So yea its November, we got wild fires in cali. It be a very good time for it to rain right now tbh so if you could please start fucken drowing us in rain tha beee greaaaaat ... ~Anime: Mysterious Girlfriend X

A tamed beast and Protector of THE GREAT HIFUMI! \😲, it will eliminate anyone who dares to harm Her, THE GREAT SOJIRO! 😲/ ~Anime: New Game!

This will be a November to remember. Busy as hell at work and it hasn't stopped. Ugh.. at least im off tomorrow 😥 ~Anime: Frame Arm's Girl

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