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"You are who you are, when nobody is watching" - S.Fry

Charlie whispers "What? Chicken for dinner? Yes, I would love that, thank you mom.....but don't say it too loud, he can hear us you know"

Charlie's got a special gift from his nannies/aunties (these ladies take care of Charlie whenever we're overseas) I had to film him opening their gift as they've never seen him does this before....he's such an expert, really. (Hallo tante Simone, tante Joke, en tante Danielle, ik ben erg blij met mijn speelgoed! Ik mis jullie allemaal - Charlie )

Royal Thai Army K-9. This dog was actually on duty at Ko Samui (Thailand) airport. Taken from last year's visit. Good morning from NL! 🙋🏻

73. You would have been 73 years old today. I miss you so much....so painfully much. 🥀

It's Berry Berry cold outside 🌬🌨 Good morning from Holland! 🙋🏻

Tangled. Thoughts. Trouble?

HAPPY NEW YEAR, dear Friends!! Charlie and I wish you a Blessed 2017...hope your holidays were wonderful! Charlie is with Charley, a wonderful pug doll that is made by a good friend of mine @indigogal69 ❤Charley is also a Christmas gift! 😍 I'm crazy about both of them!

6 days before Christmas......why am I not feeling it 🤦🏻‍♀️

How have you been, friends?! I miss visiting your accounts, I even miss my own account 🙈 but unfortunately I've shortage of time because my doll works keep me occupied most days. I hope you are all doing well!🙋🏻 Sending you greetings from Holland. (Tessa my doll is wearing a pug hat that I just finished making this morning.....you like? 😄)

Beauty....at its end. #autumn

Autumn 🍂 ...still autumn...