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Tonight! Ep. 7.16 Finale, "The First Day of the Rest of Your Life." * When you go out, there's got to be a point to it * Glenn is gone, but not forgotten * Jadis ups the "ewww" factor * Kitty has a snack, or two * Get your tissues & wine ready for the Ginger Bear

Tonight! Episode 7.15 "Something They Need" *Gregory is the epitome of a backstabbing pussy. * Team Family hits up Oceanside for an explosive beach vacation... Or more like a "guncation" * "RIP Rapey Davey. We'll miss you" said no one ever. * Eugene's "suicide pills" come back to haunt us. WTF, Eugene? 3.0 * Dwight switches teams #twdspoilers

Tonight! Episode 7.14 "The Other Side" *It's time the ladies show you how it's done, Gregory. * WTF, Eugene? * Rosita gets the assist, but Sasha gets the sacrifice. * Enid has skills. And they don't involve poison pickles. * Extra crispy Dr. Carson replaced by non-empathetic Dr. Carson. #twdspoilers

Tonight! Episode 7.13 "Bury Me Here" * Richard digs his own grave. * A missing melon triggers a series of unfortunate events. * Morgan takes a stroll back through crazytown. * Carol is woke. #twdspoilers

Tonight! Episode 7.12 "Say Yes" * Rick and Michonne go on a scavenging date at a school carnival of carnage. (RIP Richonners) * Chili Mac and Chill * Prepare to cry over Glenn all over again * Rosita is still living in a perpetual state of pissed off. * Have a very difficult decision to make? Time to consult with baby Judith! #twdspoilers

Tonight! Episode 7.11 "Hostiles and Calamities" * Beer and pretzels will punch you in the feels. * Easy Street is back with a vengeance. Damnit, Eugene! * Dr. Carson feels the burn. * Bomb making class is back in session.

Tonight! Episode 7.10 "New Best Friends" * Welcome to the Junkerdome! * Richard goes from being, "That cool guy who looks like the Governor and just wants to take down the Saviors" to "That not so cool guy who makes shitty decisions and should probably just stop." * Daryl and Carol reunite. (Goodbye, internet). #twdspoilers

Tonight! Episode 7.9 "Rock in the Road" * Rick and Team Family members meet King Ezekiel and his big ole' pussy cat. * Fast and the Furious 9: Zombie Highway Hijinks * Rick and Co. find themselves surrounded by a group of trash hipsters. #twdspoilers #twd

Tonight! Episode 7.8 "Hearts Still Beating." * Men bringing fruit to Carol is becoming a thing. * Lucille takes a bullet to the face and someone has to pay the price by also taking a bullet to the face. * It turns out Spencer does have guts.... And they're quite messy. * Daryl makes a break out of Easy Street and his ugly ass burlap bag outfit. * Rick gets his fight back and his Kevin too. (If you don't know who Kevin is then you'll just have to wait and see 😉). * REUNITED AND IT FEELS SO GOOD!

Tonight! Episode 7.7 "Sing Me a Song" * Carl ups his troll game and punks Jesus. * Nanny Negan spends some quality time with the Grimes kiddos. * Team Family goes treasure hunting. * Daryl is presented with the key to escaping Easy Street. #twdspoilers

Tonight! Episode 7.6 "Swear" * Tara encounters some ocean babes with a rough past. * Heath peaces out. * Tara comes home to bad news, more bad news, and also some even more bad news. That moment when you should have just never returned from a beach vacation... #twd #thewalkingdead #twdspoilers

Tonight! Episode 7.5 "Go Getters" * Carl and Enid go on an excellent skating adventure to the Hilltop and get tongue tied. * Maggie gets in that farm girl spirit and takes a tractor ride to the next level. * Jesus tricks Gregory into losing his best booze. #SlimeballJustice.

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