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Luke Tscharke • Tasmania  I chase the world's natural beauty and bring it to you 💬 say my name like "sharky" 👇🏻 2018 Capertee AstroWorkshop 👇🏻

Fun nights shooting astrophotography at Kelvedon Boatshed with @tassie_heights and some other great company and some green airglow. When in doubt try to illuminate the galactic core of the milky way with a torch, I hear all the cool kids are doing it. #discovertasmania

Have just spent an awesome weekend down on the south coast of NSW with @jaydidphoto and some great folks on our Narooma astrophotography workshop. I've been to Horse Head Rock many times now and I still marvel at its incredible shape. What a remarkable world we live in. @astroworkshops

Epic clear nights at the Glen Davis shale oil refinery ruins on a workshop last year. We have exclusive access to the property again this year on our Captertee @astroworkshops. Check out at the link on my bio if you'd like to join us. Also excited to be starting our Narooma AstroWorkshop tomorrow, the skies are looking great 👌#astroworkshops

The red glow of the setting sun washed against the face of the snow dusted Cradle Mountain. I glanced up to see the clouds adorning its peak take on the colour, setting a scene of latent perfection only the wilderness can deliver. #lovetasmania

BOOM! We have opened bookings for our Capertee AstroWorkshop in August. We had insanely clear skies on our workshop last year which enabled us to teach our participants the Milky Way zoom technique, definitely one of my favourites! This shot was taken on the last night of that workshop. Yep the skies are clear enough to do this only a couple of hours drive out of Sydney.
See astroworkshops.com/capertee to join us for all the fun this year! @astroworkshops #astroworkshops

Portico of Light

Last night there was an incredible show of Aurora Australis in @Tasmania. It was certainly the greatest auroral display I have ever seen this side of Europe. After photographing the Aurora Borealis in Iceland and Norway last month it was amazing to feel the exact same rush of excitement, awe, and wonder without having to travel tens of thousands of kilometres!

After reviewing the cloud forecast and seeing that southern Tasmania had some incoming cloud cover we decided to head north up to the Midlands and find some cloud-free locations. I had seen the old portico of Horton College from the highway on previous occasions and felt it may be able to work in a composition so we set off on our mission.
After asking permission to access the property we set up our gear and within minutes we were greeted with a huge proton arc across the sky which was easily visible to the naked eye. The beams were also pulsating below providing an absolutely thrilling visual phenomenon.

Thanks again to Somercotes for the property access, and @tassie_heights and @evrythng.is for the awesome company. It was lesson learned regarding Aurora Australis - it may not have the size of Aurora Borealis here in Tasmania (which is to be expected at our latitude) but witnessing it sure brings exactly the same emotions!

Camera: @sonyaustralia A7R Mark III
Lens: @laowa.au 12mm f/2.8


Shooting insanely clear skies like those in the Red Centre has to be one of my favourite things to do. Now is your last chance to join us for Uluru @astroworkshops this year. We are closing bookings on our last Uluru AstroWorkshop for 2018 on Friday, so act fast! Visit astroworkshops.com for all the details. #astroworkshops

Here's to those that devote their lives to the endless chase of beauty.
The optimists, the courageous, the brave.
Those that go out when the conditions are poor, the hours early or the temperatures freezing.
Those that know the most beautiful light proceeds the most inclement of weather and the most interesting places are on the paths less trodden.
Those that understand that discomfort is the price for a meaningful experience, and recognise fear as a precursor to the expansion of life.
Never giving up, always searching, pushing through fatigue, anxiety and the naysayers.
At times the journey is lonely, hostile and unforgiving
However, this inevitably gives way to excitement, joy, ecstasy. It keeps the passion flowing like a wild river, stopping at nothing until it reaches the ocean.
To have a calling where one aims to be in the most beautiful places at the most beautiful times with the most beautiful light, simply to capture the moment to share with others; surely they are the most fortunate people on earth. ----
Reflecting on it now being two years since I quit my corporate job to be a full time photographer. I have never been more challenged, or have worked so hard in my life. I have never felt so alive, I have never been more myself, I never witnessed such beauty. (New work from Iceland, thanks to @gocampers for making it possible)

We now only have very limited space left on our last Uluru AstroWorkshop for 2018. If you like the sound of photographing Australia’s best known natural icons at night with NT Parks approved after hours access, and with two highly experienced Astrophotography instructors helping you nail the shots - then its best to check out www.astroworkshops.com/Uluru before we sell out! This shot is a single frame taken during the last AstroWorkshop, the skies don’t get much clearer. @astroworkshops #astroworkshops

Really excited to have an image shortlisted in the 2018 Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year competition in the Landscapes category. This is definitely my favourite photography competition, so it's great to be a part of it again this year.

The location is Square Lake in the Western Arthur Range, South West National Park, Tasmania. After walking two days in one to make it to the location before bad weather hit, we had one of the most vibrant red cloudless sunsets I can remember. The awesome light and the mirror reflections in the lake certainly made the pain from the sore legs melt away!

The shortlisted images will be exhibited in the South Australian Museum and the Australian Museum later in the year. They will also be included in the annual book. #naturephotographer @southaustralianmuseum @australiangeographic

After selling out the first Uluru AstroWorkshop we are excited to now have a second workshop available. If you'd like to photograph the milky way at Uluru this is definitely your best chance, @jaydidphoto and I have organised after hours access into the park to do exactly that! For more details visit astroworkshops.com #astroworkshops

I’m currently sitting in Oslo airport waiting for my flight to Iceland. It’s a chilly -15C outside and my excitement levels are topping out. It has been 5 years since I visited this amazing country and I can’t wait to see what it is like in winter. I’m so grateful that I am able to travel doing what I love. Looking forward to sharing the experience with you. Keep an eye on my instagram stories. #iceland #icelandair #gocampers