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The Cuillins
It's an eight vertical shot stitched panorama but the hole image didn't fit into Instagram frame. Notice that tiny white house, wouldn't it be something to live there?:)


Old Man Of Storr

There is a Mr. Fox living on the grounds of Glasgow Necropolis.

Lush | Less lush


Raw Body No. IV

Glasgow streets

Layers of green and blue

Soft Evening After All

Through the glass.
I've noticed lately that my traffic on f#%^!? @instagram has gone down to almost zero in past weeks. Don't give a fuck about likes but I do care about the reach which is quite important I think to everyone. Now Instagram abandoned Flickr app to post automatically over there and left only with tumblr. Is this place going down the drain or is @instagram intentionally making this app experience worse and worse with every goddamn update?!

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