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Taylor Rynicki  Free spirit mamma living, loving and capturing life. #makespaceformagic Yoga•soundhealing•scribbles•snapping shots•dance•moving through it• |Sac, CA|

Oh yeah, this excitement is real life! Today I was reunited with @hippieyogalovee. We were each others firsts. Before playing together we had never played with another person before. Today, months later I was lucky enough to play with her again.
The thing I love about Sound Healing, about Yoga in general is that there is plenty of room in this world to hold us all. We need to join together, lift each other up, support each other whenever and wherever, and dance at every chance possible!! Today, my yoga(read as healing) was delivered through sound and LOVE!! #yogaeverydamnday #Day 23 #yogagirlchallenge @yoga_girl

Tonight I am grateful for the flow. The days when it feels like you've caught the perfect wave and life effortlessly carries you to the shore. After hunting for what seems like forever, that moment that you find the perfect puzzle piece. Yeah, today felt like that.

What makes this so special is I know that it is fleeting and I know that there are days ahead that won't feel like this. So for today I'm riding this shit all the way.
Thank you to my tribe, the ones who show up, the ones who guide with their whole hearts and all of you who love with every ounce of who you are!

#yogaeverydamnday Day 22 #yogagirlchallenge @yoga_girl

I post this photo ever couple years on this day. I love this photo. I love the colors, the moment it represents, I love the feeling, but mostly, I just love you!
Happy Birthday Mom! Today and everyday I celebrate you. ❤️

Today felt like a comfortable old sweater. The one that somehow always ends up crumbled on the floor at night, but welcomes you with open arms when the morning chill wakes you up. Summer is ending and autumn is here.
As the fall weather draws near I know my tendency is to stay inside. I know this because this has been my M.O. for years. Along with this comes the increase in my home practice. As much as the hot studio calls to me, the comfort of my home cries louder. Today I decided to create a space in my home that is dedicated just for this. To move, to breathe, to flow with what this next season will bring. In the past I would just roll my mat out wherever. This year I was craving something more.
So, Maddox, the hubs and I went on a mission to find the perfect plant for the corner of our kitchen, now my yoga space. It was a unanimous decision to grab this beauty along with the blue little stool to add to the corner.
Today was plants, tomorrow its crystals. I am really excited to see how this sacred space will unfold.
#yogaeverydamnday Day 21 #yogagirlchallenge @yoga_girl

One of Maddox's nicknames for me is Mamma Sloth. He is baby sloth, and Kyle is Daddy Jaguar.
It's usually only in the mornings and evenings, when the lighting is soft and the mind is mellow that we use these nicknames. It's one of my favorite things to see, the echoes of the child as the young man emerges. Such a heart aching dichotomy. We both play along knowing there is no rush for him to grow up, no rush to stop the wild calls of the imagination.
We all have our own relationship with the unfolding of time. For me, it is knowing that I don't have to expedite the process. I can go slow. I can take my time. Despite how fast life can feel sometimes, there are always moments to pause and hang on.
Today's practice was a studio one. It was warm and took its time. It gave me time. Time to listen, time to breathe, time to drop into the intimate and into the intuitive.
For this I am grateful. For them I am grateful.
Love always,
Mamma Sloth
#yogaeverydamnday #yogagirlchallenge Day 20 @yoga_girl

#yogaeverydamnday, hell yes! #postingeverydamnday, the jury is still out.
Some days I am in the flow. Posting feels authentic and natural, the words are effortless and the intentions are real. Other days I feel just shy of center. My words struggle to find their way to the paper and my heart is not in it.
I've skipped a few days for this challenge as I'm trying to get my ducks in a row. I've got some big life shifts on the horizon.
I'm doing what I need to do for me. Some days it's time on my mat, other days it's a spin class, and some days it's just a movie and a good snuggle session. For me yoga is healing and breathing and neither of those has a certain shape to conform to.
Happy Tuesday babes. I'm off to enjoy a movie and snuggles sesh with my mens ✌🏼 Day 19 #yogagirlchallenge @yoga_girl

Close your eyes little one
you are safe.
Let yourself stand out in your surroundings
let yourself be seen.
#yogaeverydamnday #yogagirlchallenge @yoga_girl
Day 18
"When we close our eyes, we tell our body we are safe." ~@amkzing

If it's not a HELL YES, than it's a no. For you it's always been a hell yes! You make me laugh, you challenge me and you bring me to my knees. I love every single second of the ride.
Yesterday was so good. Starting off with Yoga in the park and closing the night by celebrating our dear friends 50th birthday.
I'm so in love with this challenge for #yogaeverydamnday. It has given me the opportunity to look at each day and soak in this hell yes life that I've created. It has taking me a long time to stand in that power, but damn it feels so good to be here.
#yogagirlchallenge yesterday for Day 16 @yoga_girl
@industrialcrayon I love you!!

If a movement could describe a day, this would be mine.
Queens, I tip my crown to you three. @morenoqueen, thank you for guiding us through what can only be called an experience. You lift and shine so that others can do the same. You are 💯 unapologetically yourself and for this I love you so. @carmelicreates and @stephynow, thank both for bringing the fire and the belly laughs. Seriously, I couldn't have had more fun.
I then ended my day giving my very first private sound healing. To say that I am grateful seems too small, I am literally dancing out of my skin.
Friday, you outdid yourself! #thankyou a millions times over. ✌🏼 and ❤️ #yogaeverydamnday #yogagirlchallenge @yoga_girl Day 15

Within the sigh of the exhale, the stillness of the silence and the beating of the heart, you will find her.
So grateful for a yin class this morning. Roots straight into the heart 🙏
#yogaeverydamnday Day 13 #yogagirlchallenge @yoga_girl #backonthebox

It's so funny. I feel like most of my posts since I started the #yogaeverydamnday challenge have turned into mini journal entries that I post at the end of my day. "Dear diary, today was great...". I say funny in the haha good kind of way that makes me chuckle. It brings me back to when I was in elementary school and I would start my journal entries as such. My deepest darkest secrets poured onto paper held tight by my little emotional secret keeper, my journal. In some bizarre way this platform has kind of become my viral journal. Photos, writings and the fumblings of my day. The difference between now and then is YOU! I get to share my day with you and in return I get to hear all about yours. We get to celebrate the triumphs, cry over the hard shit, cheer each other on when we stumble and most importantly we get to see/read that we are not alone in what we are feeling, in what we are experiencing.
Dear Diary,

Today was great. I went to spin with my friends, I taught a yoga class, spent time with the hubs and ended my day working along side some bad ass humans. I didn't hit my mat today, but that's ok. Overall, today was fantastic!! Till tomorrow.
#yogagirlchallenge @yoga_girl Day 12

Today was so lovely. If I could describe a perfect yoga-filled day, today would have hit the bullseye. This afternoon I was able to hop onto my mat and experience the joys of being new to yoga. Moving with my breath to an Ashtanga-inspired class. Thank you @stephynow for holding space so that I could move my body and fill my heart.
I then spent my evening being in service to others. Playing my bowls for an amazing community of humans. Anytime I get the opportunity to play for people I am brought to my knees with gratitude.
Thank you. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!
Day 11 of #yogaeverydamnday #yogagirlchallenge with @yoga_girl

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