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Self reflection

When I first met you I had just completed my first Teacher Training. I was a baby yoga teacher and everything scared me. I remember you would show up to my noon class and hang out in the back. You would watch me fumble, mess up, get in all wrong sometimes and at the end of class you would say, you're doing great, just keep showing up. We weren't super close, our paths would cross a couple times a year through service, yoga, and friends. The last time I saw you was about a month ago when I took your class. We had some laughs, we exchanged one of your famous hugs and we parted ways. I had no idea that would be the last time our paths would cross in this lifetime. I never got to say thank you for being a huge impact on my teaching. You were one of the first teachers who demonstrated love. Showed me that it was ok to just be myself when I taught, and for that I will be forever grateful. Thank you for being a base for this yoga community. For lifting us all up and showing us by example how to fly. You will be missed for sure, but what you have left behind is immeasurable. Thank you! Travel safe and I'm sure our souls will connect in the next go around. #allmylove #journeysafely #rippappas @pappasana

Moving with the pull of every heart string. #fridayfeels

This moment. This life.

Yesterday was heavy, the whole day felt palpable between my fingers. I would witness people but only behind a fog, a glaze that covered their eyes. The window to the soul they say, well yesterday so many souls sat in confusion, sadness, and heartbreak.
Yesterday was courageous, the whole day felt like a giant leap of faith. I would witness people push past the discomfort to land in the space of love. To land in a place where they could sing, hold hands, and even laugh in the face of fear.
Yesterday I saw love. Yesterday I felt love. Yesterday I was love.
They say this practice is one of devotion, of one of trust, one of breath, and one of love.
So this morning as I open my eyes to a new day I dedicate my teachings, my practice, my love to you. To healing, to courage, and to trust.
Today, tomorrow, and everyday I choose love.

That feeling you get when you push past your comfort zone! #thatsawrap #comfortzones #fuckem

Sometimes there are moments in life when you actually need to pinch yourself to make sure you aren't dreaming. This is one of those.
This morning this queen and I are going to Fox40 news station to film a segment for their highlight piece Studio40. We will be sharing all about yin/restorative yoga and Sound Healing to promote our upcoming workshop this Saturday at @yogashalasac!!! Stay tuned and I'll post the link when we are finished. Eeeeek...I'm so happy right now. @jojoyungman, let's do this 👊🏼 #sograteful

Moments. There is beauty in them all. We just have to stay open to it.
After this mornings film shoot Kyle and I came home only to receive a call from our friend Sylvia, who had just dropped us off. "You guys have to come see this." So, we grabbed the camera, popped into the car and met her down the street. Soon we were staring at a house that had recently been covered in toilet paper from the night before. Watch how it billows in the breeze, It's so beautiful, she says.
Now some may call this crazy, however I think it's genius. To see beauty in the ordinary, the mundane, even in the chaos is when we can truly begin to appreciate all aspects of this life. So we stayed for about 10min. Filming, watching, swinging, admiring the landscape that was billowing in front of us.
Enjoy this moment, for this moment is your life. #allofit

Don't ever take yourself too seriously. #fridayunwind

Do you believe in past lives? Do you believe that there is a soul that resides within this earthly body? Do you believe that somewhere in some other place and time our soul was once doing something else? Do you believe that we have the power to access that? Now? Within this life?
I've been thinking so much about this lately. About purpose, and what we know and feel is our souls purpose in this life. That sensation within this earthly body that climbs the spine and resides under our skin, that message that tells us, I've been here before. That person you meet whom you swear you've known for lifetimes, but it's merely been a moment. Is this a possibility of a past life? A form of déjà vu? Or some science that we may never be able to explain? This life, this journey is a wild one.
Curious. What do you believe? (This is not a rhetorical question. I really want to know what you believe.) Share with me.

A little jazz-jazz, kick-ball-change with this queen from last night.
This whole experience has been amazing and I am only two classes in. Keep watching as Judy and I continue our journey of exploration through dance.
#comfortzones #fuckem #dancelikenobodyswatching
@morenoqueen heart explosions!!!

Chances are, the one thing that we show up looking for may often be the one thing that makes us want to run.
I love dancing so much, but I have never been trained in this art. So, in my own weird rationale, I am not a "dancer". (Read as some bizarre stored belief system). Recently I've been feeling the pull to stretch the boundaries of my comfort zones, so with the support of a very dear friend, I took my very first hip hop class on Monday. HOLY COMFORT ZONE. I mean within the first 10 minutes of class he had us doing solo free-style in front of the class. To say I wanted to run out of that room is an understatement. I wanted to run out screaming. I kept trying to pump myself up, but the more I watched others go, the more I did the opposite, tear myself down. Here in lies the irony. I came to class to build myself confidence in this arena, to find that inner wild woman, to let go of what others thought and to push my own personal boundaries. To sit in the fire. I have been practicing yoga for almost 8 years, and I hope this makes sense, but I have become comfortable in the fire that yoga offers. This practice still does and I know will continue to offer me this challenge, but to bring the vulnerabilities that I am currently looking for I am stretching beyond. Long story short, I'm putting on my big girl tights and rolling deep for another class tonight. Beginner jazz! #hereigo #wishmeluck #comfortzones #fuckem #thanksforreading

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