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I Could Be Your Dreamcatcher♥  My heart broke a while ago. Now I've lost my soul too♥ ... Depressed,suicidal,anxiety OCD and ADHD • BABY YOU'RE NOT A LOST CAUSE •

My life is a joke but I'm not laughing anymore 😒😒😢😢


(rant,beware) My parents are bitching out because I forgot to do my tutors homework. We had exams all week and I was doing homework almost all day today. No one woke me up in the morning so I woke up at 11 and my mum got pissed. We went to pick her from a function and came back pretty late. And I got new clothes that she told me to try on after dinner sooo..... Now she was talking to my dad telling him that I was such a nuisance and that I never listen to anything they say. That I'll just keep failing and that I'm gonna repeat. She said I wasn't going to lie to the tutor, though I don't know where that came from So shes making me wake up at 6:30 to finish the homework (to be continued)

On one of my photos I said I would post a photo of myself if it gets to 20 likes. Well it has 22 likes so get ready 😁😌

I had a fairly good day today and smiled quite a lot. #DFTS

12 days clean😊🔪 Trying to go for a month ♥

If you have sent me a dm, sorry if I haven't answered. My phone has been acting up ♥

They used to be seven but now they're only two never one feel down the sink immediately after I took the pic 😅😁 oops😠😅

My friend cut herself and when I asked why she did it she wouldn't talk..... But u honestly don't understand. She has at least five hundred friends and two boy friends (only one but I call them two, she knows why) she is absolutely pretty. I swear she is the prettiest in school followed by her cousin. Her body is perfect (no homo-just a compliment) all boys are after her. Her family is perfect. She is easily the most popular girl in school. Her mom is goals and her sisters are fun asf. (she never talks about her dad, he doesn't live with them. Not a divorce, just doesn't stay with them) and anything she wants she gets. Maybe she doesn't trust me enough. Or I'm just too disgraceful to tell. Maybe she thinks telling me won't help because I'm a waste of time and space. Maybe she knows that I'm an outcast 😢 I just really wanted to help her but I'm not "cool enough" I guess Someone tell me why 😭 (@ rungo.xo) sorry I can't tag. I'm not that brave

Idk why but I have been cutting daily. It's becoming a part of me. I found out two of my friends also cut but the last time they cut was like last year coz you can't see their scars But I really need help right now...😭😢

Anyone wanna be friends??

Secrets suck 😢

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