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All this month, we’ve teamed up with illustrators and artists to help us celebrate ending Big Tobacco's presence in Black communities. Our first artist is Desarea Guyton ( @desi.doodles ) who says, "In my community, it bothers me how busy tobacco stores are. Cars fill up the lot or going through a drive thru. It amazes me how often these cars and trucks must be there to support the habit. On a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. I think how much money is spent on tobacco as a coping mechanism. A mechanism to fit in, lessen stress, or something they simply grew up around. That money could be used to payoff some of the things they are struggling with. I want people to recognize their worth. To not willingly take something that could add to their struggles.
Thank you, Desarea! Check back here through the rest of February for more amazing art and artists' stories.

Five senators just told @Walgreens CEO Stefano Pessina to “put children over profits” and stop selling tobacco. You agree? Tell @Walgreens that deadly products don't belong on pharmacy shelves. Add your name @ the link in our bio.

Look out, #FW19!!! No really, look out. Tobacco related diseases kill.

Desiiiiigners! Make it work. Well, make it work BETTER, pls. 54 people an hour die thanks to Big Tobacco’s products.

No secondhand smoke? For spring? Groundbreaking. Big Tobacco?s products kill 112 people from SECONDHAND smoke every day.

Roses are red, balls are sometimes blue…If you’ve got cigs in your online dating profile pics, you’re more likely to get left-swiped and womp wompppp who gives a sh*t about rhyming if you don’t have anyone to use it on?

It’s time to crank it up. Word just got out that when it comes to pharmacies, Walgreens is the biggest violator of tobacco sales to people under age 18. Lives are literally depending on you. Add your voice to the thousands that have already told Walgreens that deadly products do not belong at pharmacies. Sign the petition today: link in our bio.

We’ve said this before, but we’re going to say it again with four times the emphasis: If you vape you are ffffoooouuuurrrr ttttiiiimmmmeeeessss more likely to start smoking.

Ahhhhh, so close, Squiggles really needed that G for his EGOT. Also the E, O, and T.

If you're an emetophobe, you can skip this one. If you had to look up emetophobe, then hopefully you've learned two things today.

And if you watch this more than 4x, the puppets steal your souls.

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