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✨Constant "death & rebirth" is the beauty of life. You must expand in order to progress and succeed at new levels. Don't be afraid to shed old ways (people, places and things) to reach new heights. It may be uncomfortable as hell in the beginning, but the abundance to be had after the growing pains will be well worth it.✨

✨ Hey Vibers, here are your 3 Card mini readings revealed so
Remember what cards you selected from the previous post. ✨
Card 1) CONFUSION. When you are in the unknown, it may be little comfort to know that you are safe. Understand that your angels have brought you to this point. You may need more information at this time. Remain still and allow inspiration in, it will come. Through the willingness to be in confusion, we find clarity. Meditation and quiet time will bring clarity. Personal inquiry: can I see confusion as a good thing? Can I learn to let go of needing an immediate outcome?
Card 2) ISOLATION. Do not wait for the right time to live your life! You are on the verge of something big, but if you do not participate it could pass you by. Personal inquiry: do you know the difference between isolation and solitude? Are you making excuses out of a form of self protection?
Card 3) ENLIGHTENMENT. At this time your journey is more important than your destination. Remember, if you face your fears, you will grow stronger. Relief awaits. Personal inquiry: How can I use my thoughts to heal myself? Taking time alone to connect, trusting your intuition, time for reflection. ✨ (To book your personal reading visit ✨

✨ Hey Vibers! Pick your card. Which one are you drawn to? 1, 2, or 3? They will be revealed tomorrow so comment your selection below! For your mini reading! ✨

✨When you're in alignment, you're unstoppable!✨

✨ Today’s Card is Blame. Take responsibility for your own actions and your own role that contributed to the outcome that is now upsetting you. Your health, happiness and well being is no one else’s responsibility but your own. This does not mean that you are fully at fault but your actions did contribute. Learn from them, heal from them and stop repeating those behaviors moving forward in your new connections. (To book your personal reading visit )✨

✨Today’s Card is Growth. Your perspective has changed overtime as you grow in your consciousness. This change has been for your highest good, and your awareness of what is worthy of your energy and what is not has matured. Continue with your new found growth you are on the right path. (To book your personal reading visit )✨

✨Decision creates momentum. Clarity in purpose brings peace.✨

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✨Happiness is where you are. It's who you are. Become excited by this truth, and allow other opportunities, people, and circumstances to merely be bonuses. Ground yourself in the vibration of self-sustained joy.✨

✨Today’s card is Purification. Clean your home, purge those phone numbers, Facebook friends, Instagram followers. Light up the sage, take that sea salt bath. Today’s energy is all about clearing away cluttered, distracting and negative energy inside and out to restore your body and spirit. (To book your personal reading visit )✨

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