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✨ Today's card is the Knight of Swords. It is time to be courageous and take action on what you feel
Is right. You have been planning, you have new ideas, and there are things that need to be communicated. Be clear about your intentions now and put them into action. This can also symbolize events moving at a fast pace some good and some bad. (To book your personal reading visit www.truthintuitions.com ✨

✨ Thank you for your selection. Here are cards 1, 2 and 3 revealed. www.truthintuitions.com ✨

Card 1: FEAR! Know that fear is nothing more than a test of your resolve to live in the energy of love. You are only afraid based upon past experiences or lower vibrations causing you to assume the worst.
Instead shift your focus, feeling and mindset and expect the best! Expect things to work out differently this time.
Card 2: FAILURE! It is time to realize that a mistake is only an opportunity to learn. You can either dwell on the same mistakes and patterns as you have before repeating them, or you can learn from them and do things differently this time. The choice is yours however, if you begin to see mistakes and failure as learning tools the wiser and stronger you become on your path towards living in your highest good.
Card 3: Balance! Know that it's time to bring a state of perfect harmony into your world without judgement. You don't need to know all the answers right now, or why someone else is or isn't acting the way you feel they should. Instead be at peace and acceptance with the hear and now. See things at face value and expect that what's supposed to happen continues to happen in divine perfect timing whether it's what you think is supposed to happen or not. Find your own balance and peace in the here and now for yourself because the only person you can control at the end of the day is yourself and how you handle things. (Book your personal reading at www.truthintuitions.com ) ✨

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✨ Hey Vibers! Pick your card. Which one are you drawn to? 1, 2, or 3? They will be revealed tomorrow so comment your selection below! For your mini reading! ✨

✨Today's card is the High Priestess. It is important to listen to your intuition today and not give way to frustration. Pay attention because the universe has your back and has been sending you signs and synchronicity! The High Priestess is trying to reveal the truth to you. The logical left brain cannot understand the deep wisdom that comes when the High Priestess appears, because the answers that she brings can only be felt in the heart and soul and expressed through experiences. The answers come through a feeling of simply knowing! Trust your intuitive vibes. (To book your personal reading visit www.truthintuitions.com )✨

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✨ Today's card is the Ace of Pentacles. Prosperity Begins with this card! The beginnings of long lasting stability, rooted security and prosperous opportunity in business and in relationships of all forms. When this card shows up in a love reading you can expect the potential for long lasting and prosperous union. In business and career you can expect the same as long as you make the effort needed! (To book your personal reading visit www.truthintuitions.com ) ✨

✨Today's card is the 6 of Swords.
Ready To Move On! This card signifies healing, moving on, and in some cases travel or relocation. It is time to leave something behind you. New directions and opportunity are waiting so begin your new journey.
Travel, Relocate, Pursue that new opportunity, leave that unhealthily relationship behind! Whatever the new direction is to you, choose the new direction! It may come with loss and this may be a time of purging emotions and reflection but soon your disappointment and doubt will be replaced with enlightenment and abundance when you leave what no longer serves you. (To book your personal reading visit www.truthintuitions.com )✨

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✨Today's card is Business/Venus. You are being guided in your business and money making matters by Divine Goddess Venus. As the Goddess of love and relationships, she affirms that at the heart of all success in business, you'll find good relationships between people who trust one another. New levels of mastery and applying love in order to create the most abundant business partnerships possible. Follow your heart! Prosperity is on the way! (To book your personal reading visit www.truthintuitions.com)✨

✨Today's card is Artistic Expression. Your artistic talents are in need of expression. You have hidden talents that lie dormant. This trapped energy can make you feel tired, restless, and anxious and in some cases can lead to addictions if the energy is not expressed. Even if your artistic abilities feel unpolished, they need an outlet. Do something creative today! You may find the key to your life's purpose and ideal career through this process. (To book your personal life purpose or career reading visit www.truthintuitions.com )✨

✨Powering through this Retrograde liiikeee 💪🏾 Ups & downs provide contrast, so that's what I'm thankful for. I'm coming more into alignment with my bliss and peace every day. What about you Vibers? What are you grateful for?!✨

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