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Remember kids, if you go on the show "Deal or No Deal", and you choose no deal, your number gradually gets smaller if you don't take it. Except that the Arabs don't deserve any of the land pictured, and they still hold lands that belongs to the jews.
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It is absolutely despicable that people like @oprah got applauded at the Golden Globes. (Disclaimer: I did not watch the Golden Globes, but according to reports this is what happened.) These rape enablers are the most hypocritical voices on the matter, because they don't care about these women. They just care about their agenda. They covered up sexual harassment secrets for years. They lied for years. These people are horrible people, and are not role models.

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Where do yall come up on a political compass?

This truly speaks volumes on the current state of our culture. People are easily lied to about Net Neutrality, thinking their costs will sky rocket (while the opposite is supposed to occur economically), but will ignore our government overreach on attacks on our civil liberties.

I am using this person as an example on the matter. How a lot of people in California hold VASTLY different opinions on these matters. They are manipulating themselves to the point where they don't understand what they stand on anymore. The are less steady in ideology than Donald Trump. A lot of them argue on the point of view for the sake of being anti trump. They are deluding themselves to dangerous levels of inhumanity.

Everything Gaddafi said in this video was true. While I may not agree with him entirely on the issue, he pointed out their hypocrisy. He basically told them, "You're bullshitting people, and it's embarrassing. Stop. Stop."

Don't have a picture of my candles lit from tonight, but thought I'd share this. We keep it in the window at our house. In this holiday season, I want everyone to keep their extended family in mind, wherever they may be. I have family members that live in New York, and Florida. It's important in our lives to know that family counts. Also, in this holiday season, it's important to stay safe, especially in the aftermath of so many terrorist attacks. I pray for those affected by these tragedies in Germany. We are living in a world where in germany, where Christians have to set up crazy safety precautions, where jews can't even wear a kippa in germany, because they fear getting attacked by Muslims. They fear being suicide bombed. They fear their children will be violated. I am proud to be an american, where I myself, do not have to worry about these affecting my safety and my families safety. Be thankful this holiday season you live America. God bless you all!


In the case Moore's lawsuit doesn't amount to anything, economically, and on budget and taxes, Jones isn't too bad. He supports lower taxes, which means he will probably be a Joe Manchin like senator, a senator that votes over 50% of the time with the Trump agenda, but is from a deep red state. (J. Manchin is from West Virginia)

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