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Julie Chang  Wife. Mama. Brain tumor survivor. Broadcaster. Twitter: @JulieChang

Crusin’ into #Friday like #SummerSummerSummerTime! 🎥 & choreography by @bobbydtv 😂. @foxla

#TBT our first month of dating. 6 years ago!! #Brooklyn #NewYorkDays

#TBT camping in #JoshuaTree. We were staying in a stationary RV & it was the cutest when Driggs asked, “who’s gonna drive?” ☺️

My niece @hanavuuu was born the year of the dragon, so, we knew she’d have a lot of 🔥...but perhaps never quite like this. I recently clicked on “discover” on my Spotify. It suggested I check out, oh, the likes of @st_vincent @jamesblake & @hanavuuu !!! Just this past year, she got her 1st recording deal, released a song with @willowsmith & soon, she’s going on tour (swipe for tour schedule). Which is why she had to decline her acceptance to NYU’s Clive Davis School (only 50 musicians get in each year). Here’s the kicker. She turns 18 TOMORROW!!! So much fire, so much talent, so much focus, so much cool...for such a young person. Hana, you were 18 since your were 10! I’ll never forget you weaving your way to meet @taylorswift when you were 13. When you got past 4 security guards somehow, I knew that your hustle was something extraordinary. Now you’ve got talent to match. Oh, the places you’ll go. Hope to catch your show in LA & NYC!! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

#Repost @janeparkjulep with @get_repost
I couldn't speak English when I was first dropped off at kindergarten after my family immigrated from Korea. I didn't know how to ask to go to the bathroom so I held it as long as I could, then ended up peeing in my pants. I remember feeling so scared, silent, alone and embarrassed. I sobbed uncontrollably in my mother's arms when she picked me up. All this, and I knew I was seeing my parents at the end of the day.

My father was separated from his family at age 9 when the border between North and South Korea went up between his school and his home. He never saw his parents again, and I've witnessed first hand the deep scars this has left in his broken psyche. He was a child separated from his parents because of global politics.
I've donated to the and to and I hope you too will find some way to get involved. I am planning to go door to door and be a poll observer this fall. I am going to become a better keeper of democracy.
I've been an entrepreneur so I feel like my reality is all about being punched in the gut everyday and then waking up to just work harder, so I'm committed to doing that here. I am going to work harder - there is no choice.

Yes, he gets scouted occasionally. And yes, he has no idea what a dreamboat he is (which makes him so much hotter!). We try to imbue the same in our son: don’t be consumed by something that will eventually go. Invest in smarts, humor, kindness...things that don’t get old. #hothubbyalert #traveltuesdayinspiration #portugal #Lisbon

#MarinaDelHeeeeey. Always love a crew shout out & custom art!! @sullivangrams, THIS Is us. Heeeeeeeey!

This would be my beauty pageant answer for world happiness: clone Leif for everyone who’s looking for the most devoted husband and father. #HappyFathersDay #THEbestdad #MyLifeMyLeif (thanks for being the one to always maintain your cool with our unruly monkey! Scroll right)

Congrats @mamaishaute & @mikemou77!

#TBT #SanSebastian wish we could be there to celebrate @mamaishaute’s upcoming love celebration! Here’s to love, romance, (cracking walnuts on your forehead) & many epic sunsets!

#BumpDay 🤰🏻

#HumpDay 🐪

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