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I’m not crying YOU’RE crying

⚔️⛩ 🤺

Halloween Horror Nights was to die for. ☠️👻💀 thought I was gonna make it out of one house without screaming... NOOOOOPE! they got me on the way out 🗣 🤣 wearing my @thedavidaarnold #gaadam shirt felt appropriate.



You guys! I 👏🏽MADE👏🏽IT👏🏽 🤣 for a minute there I wasn’t sure if I was going to survive but I’m one Tough Mudder...SHUT YO MOUTH. 🤣💪🏽

It was nice knowing you guys 😩 #toughmudder2018

Had such a blast at the Bruno Mars concert yesterday. Had Chuck 👴🏾not been blocking the photo op spot with his geriatric “photo shoot”... we would have been able to take a picture. 😒😫🙄🤷🏻‍♀️it was fun though.

My mornings before school from 6:50-7:15. WHY ARE YOU SQUINTING when I bought you glasses?!? why are your glasses in a ziplock bag?!? Did you brush your teeth?!? No you cannot take your hot wheels track to school... BC I SAID SO!!! SILENCE!!! 😩😂😂 @thedavidaarnold ・・・
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Wishing Pastor Julio a happy retirement! You’re an amazing person and you deserve the best.

These smiles make everything worthwhile

6 years ago I brought my daughter w me to work. Of course they grow...DUH! Despite the amount of time that passes, she’s still the same amazing, hilarious, spunky, beautifully spirited, gorgeous little diva that I’ve had the privilege of raising. There’s no way of knowing the future BUT I do (along with several people) KNOW she has something special in her.

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