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My mornings before school from 6:50-7:15. WHY ARE YOU SQUINTING when I bought you glasses?!? why are your glasses in a ziplock bag?!? Did you brush your teeth?!? No you cannot take your hot wheels track to school... BC I SAID SO!!! SILENCE!!! 😩😂😂 @thedavidaarnold ・・・
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Wishing Pastor Julio a happy retirement! You’re an amazing person and you deserve the best.

These smiles make everything worthwhile

6 years ago I brought my daughter w me to work. Of course they grow...DUH! Despite the amount of time that passes, she’s still the same amazing, hilarious, spunky, beautifully spirited, gorgeous little diva that I’ve had the privilege of raising. There’s no way of knowing the future BUT I do (along with several people) KNOW she has something special in her.


Had a blast visiting the Arroyabe family. Finally got to use my donut floatie 🤣. Til next time amiga @kenia_nicole

Milla Wedding 👰🏻🤵🏻

Beyond proud of my little rockstar. Shes been practicing for MONTHS and did SUCH an amazing job saaaaanging “Firework” and “How Far I’ll go”. Seeing her little excited thumbs up from the wing while my adult hip hop class performed was everything.

A few of my cousins were missing but there was a decent mixture mostly hip hop culture, a liiiiiittle Madonna and a sprinkle of Carlton / Mr T. Zack Morris is soooo 90s. Get it together Alex PFFFFT!

Family came through for Uncle George’s 80s themed retirement party. Thank you for your 25 years of service as one of Newark’s Finest Police Officers 😘 love you tio!

Parenting is hard. You never know if you’re saying the right thing or making the right decisions. Are they happy? Are they going through anything I should be worried about? There are sooooo many things you won’t be able to do for your child(ren). The one thing you can do that takes little to no effort is.... simply being there. I may not be there to pick them up from school everyday or be there for every minute of their life but they KNOW that my helicopter mom behind is lurking close enough. Lol. At times it’s difficult to manage a balance between work, home and all of our social lives but I make it a point to always put them first even if it costs sleep and energy. I always involve myself in their life - YES I’m that annoying parent. IDC... Ima ask you what you ate EVERY DAY and you gonna tell me “Grilled cheese” every day. Ima ask Trev about what he learned in school and keep on asking when he responds “just stuff”. Izzy already knows and she can be a little smart ass w her time stamps “well at 8:42 we walked into our classrooms...” she’s my kid alright 😂🤣😂 something I would do.

Get your autographs now!!! 🤣 She constantly amazes me. 😍💞💞💞

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