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kristi  πŸ˜‡ ORIGINAL memes/comedy therapy πŸŽ™ daily comedy/talks in my stories β˜„ awakening|anxiety|depression πŸ’Œ DM me for emotional healing readings

I'm either in entertainer mode or DON'T LOOK AT ME DON'T TOUCH ME DON'T TALK TO ME - two extremes, no gray area πŸ˜‚ #memetherapy

have great veekend keeds!! remember laughter is the best medicine when you're all out of cognac ;) I joke

extra, how? πŸ€” #memetherapy

I swear there's a method to my madness, I just haven't figured it out yet #confessions

my inner mob boss says fuck em up but the tibetan monk is like just breathe the petty away, it's not worth it πŸ˜‚ #memetherapy

if you don't take that palo santo out your ass and respect the dead for 2 seconds ima hop out this bitch and do it for you, carol #memetherapy

today summed up in 8 seconds #memetherapy #bigmood

just roast em til they back off. lol im kidding, I'm kidding. but the first one is real advice.. "my light is unfuckwittable" - fear feeds it. but knowing that your light is stronger than the fuckasses, hate, "energy vampires", voodoo .. now that's protection :) the light always wins. #memetherapy

and then at the last second, saved by the bell & you realized you freaked out over nothing, YET AGAIN LOL. we got this, warriors πŸ’ͺ🏽 all to make us stronger #memetherapy #trusttheprocess

friends? what's that? - btw, my DMs are a shit show. pleaaaaase guys, no more requests for free readings/coaching. I did that for the first 6 months of this page and I was broke and miserable. unfortunately, grateful don't pay the bills. if you're not down to pay $44, please go find someone else to talk to. thank you for respecting my boundaries. I love you all very much. #memetherapy

when I say detox from the bullshit - I mean stop hanging out with people who aren't really your friends, stop doing shit you hate, reduce stress as much as you can. meditate. chill out. have fun. my face was COVERED with zits at age 16. I mean there was no space on my face without a zit. so I have a lot of scarring still. you can see in my vids. but overall, my skin is a thousand times better than it was. of course if you're in your teens, you may just need to be patient and eat as clean as you can. we all went thru that stage. may want to look into herbs that naturally balance out your hormones. I personally take maca daily but everyone is different. #acne #clearskin #detox

we be like.. let's see how decalcified this boy's pineal gland is. choose wrong and I'm out. 5 years right down the fuckin toilet. #realshit

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