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TruePitBullinfo  Just here to share knowledge to keep hope/standard of the this wonderful breed alive. Ignorance will be handled with ignorance. "NO DOGS FOR SALE"

The beautiful little dog I posted the other day as I can see the owner takes great pride in the care for his animal. Thank you for allowing me to share the video!
So now I ask those who say no to tethering an animal as you can see first hand! What do you do if an animal with this much athletic ability decided to jump the fence and get to another animal?
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Can anyone name this ch? I try to be different from other accounts when it comes to this breed. I truly enjoy the conversations from the supporters of the account. #americanpitbullterrier #apbt #gamedog #gamness #gamebred #pitbull

The next time the idiots like @icrashednebula say "pit bull" is not a breed. Let them see the adba papers from 1928! Pit bull has been a breed it's not a umbrella term! It's the nickname for the APBT! #gamebred #gamness #gamedog #americanpitbullterrier #apbt #pitbull

What are your thoughts on the way the media portrays the breed? #pitbull #apbt #americanpitbullterrier #gamedog #gamness #gamebred

Let me tell you if a legend whom everyone in these dogs should model themselves after! Honor dignity and a all round good dogman! In every single way you can mention. The man would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it! And at one point! The right of passage in bulldog country was to beat the war eagle or loose game trying... Here is a legend! Paying respect to his animal that's been dead for a very long time. What most of us elders see in these younger generations is the lack of respect especially to the dogs. When HH got convicted, he received one of the harshest sentence for dog fighting in the history of law without any additional charges at the age of 78! to be set up by scum who had dope charges trying to get out of by setting up an honorable man! hh treated chb oshae like a son! but when oshae got in trouble he rolled over on his mentor! Bred and handled many! But rarely sold! Had some of his best dogs stolen from him by his own blood! Now you tell me what's your definition of a dogman? #gamebred #gamedog #gamedog #americanpitbullterrier #apbt #pitbull #legend

There are many different ways to condition an animal and there are different categories of conditioning. Work condition, show conditioned, and just conditioning for health reasons. Not sure of the owner of the dog but this is a great specimen

We can discuss fighting dogs events post pics and vids of dogs fighting every single day. But for what? How does that help you the supporters of this page? I enjoy helping guide those who want knowledge of the breed, I enjoy the discussions of different views on different aspects, and I do love the conversations of the occasional "fur mom and dad" with their nanny dog myths. But what I truly admire and enjoy. Seeing families with their dogs. I enjoy seeing this breed that was bred from combat! The will to never give the ability to dismantle their opponents with kids as gentle as anything you have witnessed! @punchjamesarnold I love what you are doing my friend and I appreciate your journey to learn as much as possible my friend! Keep up the great work! #pitbull #apbt #americanpitbullterrier #gamedog #gameness #gamebred #familydog

Guy maverick and Floyd
What is a dogman or dogwoman? How can one obtain that title or label in this breed? #gamebred #gameness #gamedog #americanpitbullterrier #apbt #pitbull

A good producer will always be able to produce. Don't matter if it was a cur before you bred or after. But always remember it's producing good quality dogs because of the quality of animals behind them! We have heard of the story of a dog with no pedigree or no information of linage become a legend in the fighting pit. But how many times have you heard of these dogs becoming top producers? Always pay attention to the dogs ancestors
#pitbull #apbt #americanpitbullterrier #gamedog #gameness #gamebred

First picture Wood's snooty rom
Second picture Crenshaw's ch rascal
I wanted to chime in on this "cur" issue everyone is speaking in as if they have left their mark in these animals. How many people who scream cur on a constant level has seen these dogs? The 3 things I judge these animals on are producing, ability, and gameness. Not every dog will have these traits! A cur is a dog that quits as we all! Can agree on. But what if a dog quits because of a handlers fault? Not making excuses just speaking on the facts. Most dogs quit because of the people behind the dog had issues with their keep. I see everyone screaming cull but here's something to think about. How many times did snooty get rolled otc and checked? How young was rascal when he had his cur moments. What did they stop from? Heat, injury, or fear? Not saying people should breed their curs or anything to that subject! But giving people something to think about! Yes many dogs are curs because people are breeding them to be rough curs! If ability doesn't get you out of trouble will their heart give up as well!? Just something I wanted to speak on and I truly hope everyone is having a good day!
#gamebred #gameness #apbt #pitbull #americanpitbullterrier #gamedog

Most say goals dreams etc! But I see a lot of waste high food bill and unnecessary dogs lol! But this is a nice concept they need more shade and hope they have large chain spots. Small chain spots truly one of the things that truly get under my skin!

Just wanted those to see the true apbt! These dogs are not fat obese animals They are terriers high energy high metabolism! They need work daily or a ton of room to exhaust that energy in a positive way! Thank you all for sharing your animals and dedication with us! #americanpitbullterrier #pitbull #apbt #gamebred #gameness #gamedog

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