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TruePitBullinfo  Just here to share knowledge to keep hope/standard of the this wonderful breed alive. Ignorance will be handled with ignorance

I love the passion everyone has for the breed. But I get asked. Why don't I post about other breeds as much. Mainly because of my knowledge and experience for this breed is far greater then any other I have. I ask a few times a month a question for the followers of the page. Here's one today. "DO YOU THE PEOPLE VIEW THE AMERICAN STAFFORDSHIRE TERRIER AND THE AMERICAN PIT BULL TERRIER THE SAME BREED? Why or why not? #americanpitbullterrier #americanstaffordshireterrier #pitbull #amstaff #apbt #ast #gamedog #gamebred #gameness

The proper use for a breaking stick. And a way around the "laws& #34; coming with them. Very special thanks to my friend who sent me this video. Again people learning this could save your dogs life. Practice makes perfect.#gameness #gamebred #gamedog #americanpitbullterrier #pitbull #apbt

Everyone should own one. I don't care what breed you have or how trained you believe your animals are. Especially with the American pit bull terrier. Stillwater kennel supply is the perfect place to purchase one from. If you feel you can't purchase one they're very easy to make for yourself. Once again it's better to be prepared for a situation then not to be. #apbt #pitbull #americanpitbullterrier #gamedog #gamebred #gameness

Fat bill with CH bolero POR (4xw) and lannier's GRCH Bronson #apbt #pitbull #americanpitbullterrier #gamedog #gameness #gamebred

Long's werdo. Everyone gets caught up on the name of the bloodline over the the dog that's producing it. I (and many others) have had their experiences with the jeep bloodline I tend to like it coming down through this fine animal. #americanpitbullterrier #pitbull #apbt #gamebred #gamedog #gameness

We ask this breed to do the unthinkable. We ask them to look at death in the face and fight it head on. We ask them to not cry through the pain. We ask them to never cower. We ask them to be proud in even in defeat. Yet "WE& #34; (some) won't clean, feed, or properly shelter them. We have idiots attaching weights to their undeveloped bodies. We're asking them to do many things without understanding they're still animals. I could give you everything that's needed to be a dogman. Yet WHO REALLY RESPECTS THEIR ANIMALS? It seems as of today with so much ego behind the dogs many lack compassion love and respect for their animals. #pitbull #apbt #americanpitbullterrier #gamedog #gameness #gamebred

This is not your average pit bull Instagram account! I do not honor #pibble #pitty enthusiast. This is an account to share information about the APBT! Rather it's fighting history! Or just general information! Please do not cry about post being made you can follow or unfollow! I do not care and I'm sure majority of others don't as well #pitbull #apbt #americanpitbullterrier

Pictures can only tell you so much. Sometimes instead of focusing on the dogs. You have to admire the "image& #34; . This picture speaks volumes to an older fella like myself. I'm thankful to those of you who share the split seconds of your life with these photos and the stories that are attached to them. Thank you my dear friend for allowing me to share this photo #apbt #pitbull #americanpitbullterrier #gameness #gamebred #gamedog #bulldogfever

"The worst thing you can do is get into these dogs. You'll want to know the ins and outs, then you'll figure out the truth about some of the "legends& #34; and it'll hurt a little if you have love for the history"
Honesty is one of the hardest traits you'll find in the people of this breed. Hell even the dogs will make a liar out of you. And even they'll lie to you sometimes. The greatest thing I can tell you. Is keep improving on all things of the breed! #gamebred #gamedog #gameness #americanpitbullterrier #pitbull #apbt #bulldogfever

I promise you. You can ask anyone who was raised with these dogs or around these dogs. If they had experience with these breed the pit bull would be in their top 3 favorite dogs of their life! #gameness #gamedog #gamebred #americanpitbullterrier #pitbull #apbt #bulldogfever

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