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TruePitBullinfo  Just here to share knowledge to keep hope/standard of the this wonderful breed alive. Ignorance will be handled with ignorance. "NO DOGS FOR SALE"

THIS IS WHY I FIGHT FOR THE BREED! It's so much misinformation out here on social media it's scary! People will accept this as a pit bull but hate the history of the breed! It's now hit me most don't own a pit bull but own the thought of having a pit bull! If you want to change anything about this breed you do not love it! You love the attention the breed brings! You love the thought of owning one! Yet you don't love the breed! Just click the pit bull hashtag and look at those who have no clue or those who spread more false information! #endbsl #gameness #gamebred #gamedog #americanpitbullterrier #pitbull #apbt THIS IS NOT A PIT BULL!!

Name that dog #apbt #pitbull #americanpitbullterrier #gamedog #gamebred #gameness THANK YOU MY GOOD FRIEND FOR SENDING ME THESE VIDS! (If you have any vids that want to be shared for historical purposes please send them)

Thank you my good friend Archie for sharing this photo!
We are admirers of the breed it's up to us to preserve the true American pit bull terrier if you don't like it don't comment! Scroll past it! Is this a dog fighting page? No this page gives the truth about the breed. Not some shelter mutts POV or some backyard bred mutt angle! Just the true apbt! #gameness #gamebred #americanpitbullterrier #pitbull #gamedog #apbt

Makes you wonder a bit. How can someone who has never owned raised or bred and apbt tell you about the apbt? How can someone have so much to say about the breed or advice to give about the breed yet have no experience? I vow to focus more on the dogs in my next few weeks instead of the idiots #apbt #pitbull #americanpitbullterrier #gamedog #gamebred #gameness

Something I made and posted once I'll post it again KNOW THE DIFFERENCE people! Conditioned well shaped animal is far from starved emaciated or you'll get idiots as such as @austinlandow @inubabe4e attacking you saying ribs too skinny etc!!!!

I love this breed I hate seeing these fur moms come in and tell you their how you should handle the breed due to their experiences with their shelter mutts. If I can honestly open the mind of 1 person a day I feel as if it's a win for myself and the future of the breed. I will continue to post and share knowledge, tips, and experiences. And I will continue to fight those who harm this breed #gameness #gamebred #gamedog #americanpitbullterrier #apbt #pitbull

To the followers of the page I know you guys are getting tired of me posting things as such but I truly want you guys Tk understand what stupidity I get in a daily basis. @inubabe4e believes any dog chained up are similar to slaves. And no we shouldn't discuss history and also! She believes these historic pics are mine. She even went on to tag Beyoncé to the photo wow LOL wow

In today's time people don't strive to be dogmen. They strive to be known. In today's time they're not focused on the dogs, yet the money they bring. Here's a tip from me to you! Be around those who are honorable! Not those who value the dollar! Show respect to get respect! And always keep your dogs first! And ego out the picture! #apbt #pitbull #americanpitbullterrier #gamedog #gamebred #gameness #legends

I get pissed and upset and the stupidity I see but when I get things like this it truly makes me appreciate what I'm trying to establish. I absolutely love this! It truly makes me feel good that I can at least teach some value in those in this breed or those who are interested. Thank you my friend YOU ARE GAME BRED! #APBT #pitbull #americanpitbullterrier #gamedog #gameness #gamebred

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