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Certified Organic Skincare, NZ  🌿Simplified Beauty for Skin, Mind & Spirit. Love Nature Celebrating the art of Self-care. Journey of honouring my true self. 💓

TODAY // In this moment.

MINDFUL MONDAY// SELF LOVE What are 3 things you love most about yourself? On deciding to put this up today I had a sense of scrambling to sit comfortably with what I loved most about myself? So often we can go in the opposite direction and come up with a huge list of what we could improve about ourselves. So here goes- my 3 things I love most about myself as of today. 1.) My desire to understand things on a deeper level. A seeker to understand the why. 2.) My love and nurturing nature I share so freely and deeply with my husband and 2 children. They are my world. 3.) The gift of listening and inviting people to share their experiences without judgement so they gain a greater awareness of self. A lot of deep in this girl. Now it's your turn! What are your 3 favourite things you love about yourself? I'd love you to share. Nicki x

WEEKENDS // Reminder to self going into the weekend. What's your self care aspiration this weekend? To feel more peace, to let go of the to do list, to move more, to become aware of your thoughts? 📷 @balancingactnz

BEHIND THE SCENES// NEW PRODUCT RELEASE I've been a bit quiet in here this week as lots of new ideas and creations have been bubbling away. Our FIRST limited edition product is going through its final stages of transformation before being released into your hands with Love and intention. I'd love your input here- WHATS YOUR FAVOURITE SCENT TO START YOUR DAY WITH ? Is it citrus, floral, Earthy, woody, or a specific essential oil like lavender, peppermint, rose, orange. Your feedback means the world to me and I thank you for sharing. With Love Nicki x PS: Can you guess what this new product is?

MINDFUL MONDAY // Give the ones you love wings to fly, roots to come back and reasons to stay- Dalai Lama 📷@truemindfulbeauty

SENDING // Out big love to all the beautiful mums this Mothers Day. To all the mums, whatever your circumstances, hardships, losses, grief's and loves- we love and honour you all. 📷@truemindfulbeauty A day spent in Nature in my gorgeous kids.

BEHIND THE SCENES // PRODUCT NEWS. I am super excited to announce the launch of our first TRUE ALCHEMY product release. I love spending time tinkering away, experimenting, creating and improving formulations. I create a lot and I want to share the best of my creations with you more quickly and more often than I can do, if I was to launch them as a new official TRUE Mindful Beauty product. So I am inviting you on my journey by periodically releasing products that I love and want to share with you. These seasonal limited edition products will be freshly made in small batches of 25-75. They will be available exclusively on our website and available only as supplies last. Excited? Me to! Our very first product is launching early June so stay tuned.

SKIN INSIGHT // The skin offers a direct reflection of what's happening inside our bodies. The traditional approach to beauty using skin typing such as Oily, Combination, Dry to treat your skin we believe is outdated and does not take into account a more holistic approach that we at True Mindful Beauty embrace. For example when our digestion, hormones, blood sugar, immune system, stress levels are out of whack, this imbalance will often show up on our skin. If your skin symptoms are the only thing treated you are missing the bigger picture of what your body is trying to tell you. A gentle reminder to pay attention to what's going on in the inside to create healthy radiant skin on the outside.

MINDFUL MONDAY // " There is only one minute in which you are alive, this minute here and now." +Storm Jameson

BEHIND THE SCENES // A glimpse of what I get to experience everyday around me. This is Mother Nature in all her glory this morning as I head into a full day of True Holistic Facials. Truly blessed to be able to craft my intentional certified organic skin products and infuse each and every one with the energy of this beautiful place, my home Wanaka, New Zealand. With Love Nicki x

MARKET DAY UPDATE // I'll be at the weekly Thursday @wanakafarmersmarket Wanaka Farmers Market from 2.30pm offering a simplified beauty approach that creates a mini ritual for you to pause and let go of the busy with only 4 products. Alternatively head over to our website We ship internationally so know need to panic when you are getting down on your organic skin goodness

MOTHER LOVE // Just in time for Mothers Day. Free Shipping NZ wide + the first 10 orders receive a box of these devine @thechocolateworkshop Salted Caramels. Send as a gift or show yourself some motherly love. If you're on our mailing list you would had also received a sneaky discount code. X

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