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Certified Organic Skincare, NZ  🌿Simplified Beauty for Skin, Mind & Spirit. Love Nature Celebrating the art of Self-care. Journey of honouring my true self. 💓

MINDFUL MONDAY // There's only one of you. .
Each and everyone one of us is our own kind of special snowflake.
It's better to live your one life imperfectly than to live someone else's life perfectly.
This is what I pondered today while out walking with my dog.
Having consumed hundreds of books and podcasts over the years looking externally for some magic recipe or prescription on how to live MY life.
Recently I have come to know that I have to find my way and all the skills and inspiration taken in from others may not be true for me.
It's the inner knowing and the process through the unknown that guides us to live our unique life.
I now just have to have the courage to follow my inner guide.
With Love Nicki x

SLOW SUNDAY // Feels good soaking up some much needed sunshine.

BEHIND THE SCENES // Friday night design happening for a True Mindful Beauty Facial Gift Voucher.
As you can see I'm not a designer but my go to is @canva for anything design.
Super simple to use for a novice like me as you can upload all your branding elements to keep it consistent.
If you are wanting to treat someone special in your life to 1 hour of stillness then a Gift Voucher is the perfect solution.
Give me a call or message on 0272 577 792. To find out more go to
Sorry I'm only offering this beautiful treatment in Wanaka at this stage.
But this girl has a passion and big dreams so never say never to going bigger.
Happy Friday.
With Love Nicki x

MARKET DAY // Preparation of the @wanakaartisanmarket today and packing your online orders. Fingers and toes crossed weather holds.
If you've been wanting to try our limited release AWAKEN Facial Cleansing Oil I will have minis at the market.
If you aren't on our mailing list be sure to jump onto it as I share exclusive True Mindful Beauty offers in there along with how to live a more Holistic and inspired life. .
When you sign up you also receive a $10 off code for your first online order. What's not to love about this. .
PS: Free Shipping NZ wide for the rest of July.

These are products that contain NO water.
These products are typically Balms, Oils, Salves and Butters.
They generally do not require preservatives but benefit from added antioxidants such as Vitamin E and or Rosemary Extract to prevent the oils and butters from going rancid.
Our True Wonder Balm, Serene Face Oil and our limited release Awaken Facial Cleansing Oils are all anhydrous products.
Always check your ingredients list on a product to be 100% sure the product says what it is as there's a lot of sneaky tactics implemented in the beauty industry.
For example you may believe you are buying a gorgeous concentrated Skin Balm to soon discover it is full of cheap fillers, water included.
I have been formulating skincare products for more than 15 years now and am concerned by some of the products been offered to you and your skin without the knowledge and experience required to provide a safe and effective product into the world. I reiterate Buyer Beware and ask questions if you are unsure.

DISCOVER// the gift of Radiant skin this Winter. Our Mini Kits have been spreading their wings far and wide this season.
Showcasing our True Wonder Balm, Courage Face Mist, Serene Face Oil and Wisdom Exfoliate & Mask Powder in super cute minis. The perfect holiday traveller.
FREE SHIPPING NZ Wide for the month of July, Online at www.truemindfulbeauty.
Nourishment for skin, body & spirit. .
Wanaka, New Zealand.
Shop link in bio x

We spend so much time "inside our heads" without really noticing what's going on around us.
The constant rush to do more and have more takes us away from our senses and daily surroundings and we become fixated on our thoughts rather than experiencing what's right in front of us in this moment.
Today get back in touch with your senses so you can see, hear, touch, smell and taste things as if for the first time. .
Really feel into these moments and pay attention. For it is these ordinary everyday moments that hold the most extraordinary beauty.
This is my one constant reminder to self as so often I am so fully engaged in my thoughts analysing every story inside my head and losing my sense of presence in my body.
Practicing these school holidays being in the moment and really noticing with all my senses. Feels so good until I trip myself back up and find myself back with my thoughts 💭 x

If YES to Certified organic- do you know exactly what this means and what to look for when buying?
If NO- why would you not bother looking for a third party certification?
If you trusted the brand you bought your skincare from would it really matter if they were certified organic or not, even if they chose to use certified organic ingredients?

OR is NATURAL ok for you and you are not bothered about organic either way.

I'd love to hear your thoughts good or not so good on the topic of Certified Organic Skincare.
With Love Nicki x

MARKET DAY // Excited to be back at the @wanakaartisanmarket today from 3pm. Come on down for all your simplified beauty and self care ritual needs. Can't wait to catch up with you all. With Love Nicki x

ELDERBERRY SUPPORT THIS WINTER // Elderberry (Sambucus nigra) has been used as a folk remedy for centuries for coughs, colds, flu and boosting the immune system.
After a week or more of colds lingering in our house I remembered this little classic from @mountainroseherbs Be sure to give it a try.
Classic Elderberry Syrup
- 4 cups cold water
- 2 cups organic dried elderberries.
- 1 cinnamon stick
- 1 tsp grated ginger root
- a good local honey

-Combine all of above in a pot except the honey. -Bring to the boil and then reduce heat and simmer for 30-40 minutes.
- Mash the berries into the liquid mix and then strain through a cheesecloth and squeeze out all the juice.
- Add an equal amount of honey to liquid. Gently heat the honey and juice for a few minutes until combined. DO NOT boil.
- Bottle in sterilised jar and date.
- Refrigerate and enjoy in a cup of hot water as required.


I am offering a nurturing one hour winter treatment here in Wanaka, the birthplace of True Mindful Beauty.
The experience:- - 30 minute soothing massage
- 30 minute Holistic Facial - a gift of a Self Love blend

I wanted to combine a hidden talent that has been on the back burner since the birth of my kiddies 10 years ago. So much giving in becoming a mother I felt I had nothing more to give at the time.

Having run my own successful massage therapy business in Wanaka for a number of years I feel called to bring this element back into my treatments.
The power of touch is such a powerful way of letting go even just for a moment, to feel truly supported and nurtured.
To book simply call me Nicki 0272 577 792 or find out more at

SLOW SUNDAY // A TIME TO REST Lay low under the inversion layer today, a high of 5 degrees here. The fam took to snuggling in for the day, movies and popcorn in hand. It's been a week of kids off school and myself succumbing to the winter woes. A much needed day of rest for all, content in knowing there are plenty of days to play in the coming weeks of the school holidays, oh and keep ticking along with work 😉

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