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Certified Organic Skincare, NZ  Simplified Beauty for Skin, Mind & Soul. Love Nature. 🌿Celebrating the art of Self-care. Journey of honouring my true self. 💓


A sneak peek of a very precious and pure combination of wildcrafted flowers gathered meticulously by hand to bring you a blend to open your heart. -
Watch this space as this is a very small batch release of seasonal plant magic.

WEEKLY MARKETS// This week I'll be at my local Thursday @wanakaartisanmarket from 3pm basking in this sublime heatwave. -
SATURDAY- I'm heading South to the Southern Christmas Fete out of Winton- 10-4pm. -
I've made up some beautiful gift packs and will be launching some very limited release products just in time for the silly season.
As always I love connecting with you all each week and talking all things Simplified Beauty and living a more mindful life. x

This set is perfect for travel, gifting to a loved one this Christmas or discovering our product offerings for the first time.
Mini Set of 5 includes:
-10ml Awaken Facial Cleansing oil.
-10g Wonder Balm
-10ml Courage Face Mist
-5ml Serene Face Oil
-10ml Wisdom Exfoliate and Mask.
Available exclusively online at truemindfulbeauty.com or at the markets.

MINDFUL MONDAY // When making decisions and choices in life. Ask yourself " is this an absolute YES?" If it's not an absolute yes, then it's a NO.

Beauty Simplified, Certified Organic, Intentionally Handcrafted, Wanaka, New Zealand.

I received an email this morning from a lovely lady I met at the Thursday market last week. She had purchased a Wonder Balm as a gift for her daughter. On opening the glass jar it was not what it seemed.
It turns out the Wonder Balm was in fact our True Wisdom Exfoliate & mask.
Looking back on last week there were many moments in my work day that I felt distracted in my thoughts and not really paying attention on the present moment.
I ended up labelling a handful of Wisdom Exfoliate & Masks as Wonder Balms and some of these have slipped out into the world with their wrong identity.
Firstly I am deeply sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused and I am accepting that mistakes are part of being human.
If you were one of the few with the wrong product inside please get in touch with me and I will make the wrong Right again.
Happy Human Being Friday xx

TRUE LOVE NOTE + MARKET DAYS // Another happy True customer loving her Wonder Balm.
"Nicki! Your wonderbalm is sooo gorgeous. I am loving it as a skin treatment for the dry harsh weather conditions we live in, am using it on my lips and it's instantly soothing. Thank you so much. It feels like a special product truly made with love and care. Every family needs this in their staple health care go-to kit!!" Ruth, Wanaka.
Market Days: Today ill be at @wanakaartisanmarket from 3pm on this super stunning day. -
SATURDAY @remarkables_market 9-2pm
SUNDAY @wanakasundaycraftmarket 10-2pm.
Mention you read the Love Note on social or in the messenger to receive your gift of a Mini Wonder Balm on all purchases over $50. :)

This week I've been creating some beautiful Christmas Bundles for all you avid organic beauty and soulful fans.
These will be available exclusively online and at the markets from this weekend. .
Fingers crossed my little elves don't have a full to do list as this could cause delays.
I'll do my best to get them loaded on the website. Please bare with if they aren't up till early next week
I'll be offering my first public once a year pre- birthday exclusive SALE( yes it's my birthday - and I do love to celebrate.) Exclusive offers are normally reserved for my loyal True newsletter tribe only. .
Keep a look out here. More details to come.

MINDFUL MONDAY // "What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanity." Joseph Addison.
Share your smile with as many people as you can today. It's The smallest of things that create the biggest impact after all.

My morning view market bound. So blessed to call this area home. .
Crown Range, Queenstown, New Zealand.

I've always had a fascination with Archetypes, Personality types, Carl Jungs theory and Star signs and more recently @gretchenrubin work on The Four tendencies. .
It seems some of us have an inbuilt mechanism inside that needs to know why and how we tick.
Now I am not one to box myself in to any specific model but it has been comforting to understand over the years why I do, say, think and behave like l do. It's been a kind of relief to finally be able to identify more closely with my true self which has had a flow on effect for granting myself a little more self compassion and acceptance of me.
I love what Jung said " Don't try to be what you are not. Rejoice in your strengths." .
Last year I was introduced to another great resource on archetypes- @cerriesmooney while I was working through the rebirthing of True. It was a real gem and enabled me to honour True Mindful Beauty and the process of discovering her values of intention, truth, simplicity, connection and living a more mindful life. I pour my heart into what I do. It matters to me that you get to hold a product in your hands to annoint yourself with that has these values and is why I will continue to do what I do... walking my path and trying my best to stay in my lane. .
If you are someone who questions at times why you do or think like you do Cerries Mooney is so worth checking out and it's especially good if you are at a cross roads with your business. .
Love to hear from you with your archetype, personality type or star sign. .
Btw I'm a Sagittarius, Primary archetype is Sage and personality type is INFJ.

MARKET DAYS // This week I have all my fingers and toes crossed that the weather gods are on our side.
Find me at @wanakaartisanmarket today from 3pm.
SATURDAY at the @remarkables_market from 9-2pm. I'll be outside under my trusty umbrella this week.
Look forward to nurturing conversations and anointing you with my simplified organic skin goodness.
With Love Nicki x

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