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Messy Bun Trucker Hats  A Truckette® is a Messy Bun Trucker Hat. Perfect for adventures and "shower free" dirty girl. 🦊 Oh, one more thing, it's patent pending. 😜

When you go on a road trip ya gotta (bring your Truckette and) stop and take in the views. This little pit stop is half way up Beartooth Pass on the Montana side.

Some beautiful pics of our patented Messy Bun Truckettes, came out of Sedona, all because of a fun jaunt out of the sweltering Phoenix heat. This cutie patootie @lauren_grad looking fierce during sunrise while @creationstudiosbycc snaps the shots! You ladies rock! And obvi, love your hair Lauren!

What do you have in store for your weekend? This regram from @lakenrush has got her traipsing about Grand Teton National Park with a @jhbabeforce Truckette! Oh yeah girly, you're a total #babebum and we're stoked you're in the #truckettetribe!

The mountains are calling...

Wouldn't you agree that @mandy_fabel looks like a total badass in her Truckette?!? Well, that's because she is. No seriously. Look at those guns!!! Plus she obviously has fab style when she's crushing life with her messy bun outta her face so she can get on with being rad! Mandy, you make us look goooood! 😘 So glad you're in the #truckettetribe chica!

This is really how you're supposed to go look at wild flowers. With a heli. Duh. Oh yeah, and don't forget your Truckette for your crazy heli hair messy bun!

Today is a perfect day for chilling by the pool with your hair up high and looking fierce like @shaynole and her "Truckette Your Trucker". We all have our fave trucker hats. Now, wouldn't it be so much better as a TRUCKETTE?!? Send us what ya got and we'll transform that beauty into your favoritest of favorite hats. You won't regret it. Promise.

Is it us or are sled dog puppies the cutest?!? Loving this share from#truckettetribe ambassador @indystarproductions and her adventures across the globe.

Some girls wear "fierce" a little bit better than others and @ss0_2 is no exception. This Jackson Hole local's messy bun is taking her up the Grand Teton. Multiple times. Because she's a fierce mo fo. Ain't no stopping this chica.

If you think @mtn_chick has cute hair, you should see her face! She's adorable! She also crushes mountains for breakfast. In other "Truckette-ish" news, lots of chicas tell me they wish their hair was longer so they could rock a Truckette. Well, look at these cute little bobbers!!! I'm dying. They're so rad.

When the sunset got you like whoa and you just happen to have a photo of it. And some killer style to back it up! Nice Truckette @producerali!!! You make that sunset look good! #truckettetribe

Dog approved. We think... 😂 This gem, sent by @hope_the_dope, is of Ruby the lab, who obviously has some killer style! You ladies have the best taste in headwear. Seriously. #highfashion #noboysallowed

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