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trubeautyMOVEMENT 💜💚  Are YOU a trubeauty?Join The Movement. Redefining {beyou}ty to ✨be balanced✨be tru✨be you✨ Join the trubeautyMOVEMENT today&get ready to beINSPIRED!👇🏻


Home with my @LUNABAR & Latte (2 of my obsessions) feeling focused & ready to chase after my #dreams today!! Are YOU?! #manifestgreatness #girlboss #hustle #beMENTAL #trubeautyMOVEMENT ✨PRODUCT FT: @doterra Root To Tip Serum, @dolcegabbana shades, @target Tank, @amazon iPhone Case w/ Strap

Feeling like a "Hot Mess" in your life, like I WAS post Hurricane Irma?! Check out my "Hot Mess" Blend ft. @doterra essential oils! I swear by this blend for keeping your inner world in check, while you get things organized! Read about my journey + 3 key 🔑 tips for cutting through the chaos and getting your own life back on track!
💻(blog link in bio). 🌱Message me to purchase @doterra #essentialoils 25% off + schedule a free Wellness Consult with me today!

(*Scroll thru to see my Hurricane Irma Experience). Today on trubeautyMOVEMENT BLOG💻(link in bio) FEELING LIKE A HOT MESS?! PRACTICE PATIENCE, FOCUS, & ORGANIZATION (ft. @doterra "Hot Mess" Blend)... MY HURRICANE IRMA EXPERIENCE + 3 STEPS TO CUTTING THROUGH THE CHAOS & GETTING YOUR LIFE BACK ON TRACK! Hey trubeautys! I’ve been a bit MIA on social media for awhile due to Hurricane Irma, both from a loss of power mixed with – honestly – the need to unplug, relax, & restore energetically. This whole experience has been such a whirlwind for everyone effected. As I’ve been focused on connecting with people one-on-one these past few weeks, I’ve realized that many people are feeling very similar and have been in a bit of a “fog”, since the whole thing happened.

First, let me start by saying my family, our home, and I are perfectly safe (our home had minimal damage… some debris and trees down but that’s about it, thank God)! Words can’t express how grateful I am that our family, our home, and our community are safe & how much your personal messages were during the process. I feel so bad for those in the Caribbean islands and those in Texas still being effected by the recent Hurricanes (ugh, so sad). After experiencing the unpredictability of this scary storm first hand, not only does it shake you, but your ‘tru’ character, humanity & how you handle fear (fight, flight or freeze) are very much tested. Regardless of the universal – and understandable – fear that was being spread at the time of the event, I gotta tell you, it was so inspiring to see that even through the worst of circumstances and “survival of the fittest” mentality, people are truly are good! I’ve always believed this with all my heart & it was so nice to have that reiterated first hand.

Rewind a bit… before all this went down, I was actually away from my daughter for the first time on a business trip... 👉🏻*FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENED ON MY CRAZY DETOUR, READ THE REST ON MY BLOG (link in bio) #hotmess #Irma #beEMOTIONAL #trubeautyMOVEMENT

When was the last time you journaled📝 trubeautys? Did something active in nature you really enjoyed💪🏻🌱 (not the gym run you "have" to do, but something you actually like no matter how many or how few calories you burned)... read a book 📚 just for the sake of reading (not for a class or assignment) ...or blew off your To-Do List and did your creative passion instead?! Here at trubeautyMOVEMENT we're redefining {beyou}ty to be balanced physically✨mentally✨socially✨spiritually✨emotionally, be tru to your authentic self, & be proud to be you! People are sick and tired of being sick and tired, living in a reality that doesn't truly make them happy... follow me to join our growing tribe of trubeautys for #positivevibes tips & #inspiration on living your best (& most balanced) life mind✨body✨spirit! 🙌🏻🦋💜 #trubeautyMOVEMENT

#HeartChakra hug - here at trubeautyMOVEMENT we're all about collaboration not competition... are YOU a trubeauty? Join the movement #womensupportingwomen #soulsisters #redefiningbeauty #beSOCIAL #trubeautyMOVEMENT

Oh ya know, just planning our next move to change the world lol 😜🌏🙌🏻 Candid photo of me & my doTERRA biz partner Elasa @elasa_solterrawellness discussing our next move behind the scenes... "the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do!" - Steve Jobs

Our amazing turnout at yesterday's Essential Oil Continuing Edu event! Are YOU a trubeauty? Join The MOVEMENT... we are redefining beauty to be balanced physically✨mentally✨socially✨spiritually✨emotionally, being tru to your authentic self and being proud to be YOU! Whether local or afar #followme today and come join our community of women supporting women as we all shine bright & spread our light! #refefiningbeauty #beSOCIAL #trubeautyMOVEMENT

🙌🏻🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋"Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back"... so grateful for these trubeautys & my incredible dōTERRA team changing the world one woman at a time #butterflyeffect #redefiningbeauty #beSOCIAL #trubeautyMOVEMENT

*Flip thru the pics! 🌙Magical day at today's Contining Edu class - Astrology & Essential Oils ft. Carmella @happytrav_oiler !!! Carmella shined so bright 🌟 as she taught us all how to read our astrological charts + balance our mind✨body✨spirit✨with doTERRA Essential Oils! Thank you Carm for all your hard work in getting everyone their custom chart! Today was truly special with our Goddesses 🙌🏻🌌 ***Dive deeper into the oils and our community - join our incredible supportive community of trubeautys all over the world! Message me today to schedule a Wellness Consult & get ready to look + FEEL the best you ever have! #soulsisters #oilyfamily #redefiningbeauty #beSOCIAL #trubeautyMOVEMENT

🌟💜🙏🏻💚🌟Shining bright.. me & my "soule"/"sol" sister😉 @elasa_solterrawellness at today's Astrology & Essential Oils Cont. Edu event at the center! All we have worked hard for over the years is coming to fruition...our community of goddesses and I'm so grateful to have this shining star & dear friend by my side! #manifestinggreatness #soulsisters #solareclipse

Today on trubeautyMOVEMENT.com: BE FEARLESS & SHINE BRIGHT {ft. @doterra on Guard + elevation)...
Added sunny ☀️ highlights perf for the week of the solar eclipse! Giving kisses to this little lady before headed to today's Astrology & Essential Oil event w/ my team today!
Can't wait to see one of my doTERRA leaders, Carmella @happytrav_oiler shine✨ as she teaches the class based on her extensive knowledge studying in Greece (you so got this girl)! ...Whatever YOUR genius or passion is trubeautys, remember to be fearless, get out of your comfort zone, and SHINE like the star you are! 🙌🏻🌟 This is when you feel most alive and when the magic of the Universe puts you on course! *🌱ESSENTIAL OILS FOR FEARLESSNESS: On Guard + Elevation! *💌 MESSAGE ME FOR A FREE $50 DIFFUSER, 25% OFF doTERRA, & TO SCHEDULE A FREE WELLNESS CONSULT TODAY TO SHARE YOUR TOP 3 HEALTH, WELLNESS, OR BEAUTY CONCERNS & RECEIVE A CUSTOM ESSENTIAL OIL REMEDY FOR RESULTS! Message or Email heather.hooke@trubeautyMOVEMENT.com to schedule your FREE Wellness Consult today! #1yearpostpartum #redefiningbeauty #beSOCIAL #trubeautyMOVEMENT

Teaching our ESSENTIAL OIL 101 EVENT at my #yoga studio empowering all these lovely ladies in + out ft. @doterra Essential Oils! My team and I have helped hundreds of women via our Wellness Consults and events by providing CUSTOM remedies so they get RESULTS... join our #trubeautyMOVEMENT & #naturalsolutions movement today! Together we are making a REAL difference one woman at a time... #followme today and message me to learn more about what doTERRA can do for you! #redefiningbeauty #highmaintenancehippie #beBALANCED #beTRU #beYOU #trubeautyMOVEMENT

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