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Troy Jenkins  💥D1NZ Pro Driver 💥Sales Manager @ Husqvarna Group 💥Auckland | New Zealand 👻: troyjenkins #TEAMJENKINSMOTORSPORT #TEAM856

TOKYO 🇯🇵 | Frickn’ EPIC times away in Japan with the @4manceautomotive Crew. Definitely a country worth visiting even if it’s not for drifting. Time to smash out some work and Hopefully we’ll be back again soon! 👊🏻💥

#FDFUJI 🇯🇵 | Fuji Speedway is freakn’ EPIC - And so were the cars! Was lucky enough to make it to Round 3 of @formuladjapan thanks to the team at @4manceautomotive . A super shame that @mattyhilldrift couldnt compete this weekend after an injury - But we’ll be back for Round 4 in September. Congrats to @chickendiarrhea & @powervehicles100 for the win. Back to Tokyo we go! 👊🏻💥 #teamjenkinsmotorsport #team856 #GT86 #HKS #fujispeedway #FDJAPAN #4mance

#JAPAN 🇯🇵 EPIC time away with the @4manceautomotive | @mattyhilldrift Crew last week while we helped Matty compete in his first ever @formuladjapan Event. Massive thank you to both @luis4mance & @stephaniewitts for taking us over. Was definitely a trip to remember 🙌🏻 Looking forward to Round 3 already! 💥#4manceautomotive #Ebisu #teamjenkinsmotorsport

This thing’s rad. Definitely enjoying the change over to the new #GT86 Chassis 🙌🏻 Feat. @isaac.odd capturing this EPIC shot 📸💥 #teamjenkinsmotorsport #team856 #2JZ #ToyotazGalore #Toyota

Itchin’ to get back in the seat for next weekend’s @wearedriftmatsuri at Taupo Raceway! More seat time in the new #ToyotazGalore #GT86 before we hit some more events in the next few months. Who’s coming to see us in Taupo next weekend?! #teamjenkinsmotorsport #team856 | 📸 -

#BYE ✌🏻| It was a sad sight - But my S15 that I first started drifting in has been sold and sent to the South Island to compete in the DriftSouth Series. I learnt to drift in this thing back at Meremere Practice Days with the boys - then moving forward into winning the @d1nz Pro-Sport Championship a few years ago. I’ll definitely miss this thing - but at the same time we’re super excited for the potential that the new #ToyotazGalore GT86 has already shown us. YEOW! 👊🏻💥

#D1NZ🏎💨 | Absolutely loving every lap in this thing. We’ve qualified for tommorow at @d1nz with the @teamjenkinsmotorsport crew - BRING ON the battles tommorow! 👊🏻💥 #teamjenkinsmotorsport #team856 #d1nz

#TOYOTAZGALORE | Words cannot describe how intense this build of GT86-01 of 2 was. A HUGE Thank you to @benjenkinsnz , my family and our Crew. So many late nights, early mornings and missions all over New Zealand along with fitting in our day jobs. You guy’s ROCK!
Big things head from here with GT86-02 well on its way to completion now. Cannot wait to get back in the seat in a weeks time! 🙌🏻 YEOW! 👊🏻💥

Drifting with the boys 🙌🏻 It’s amazing the people we’ve met through Drifting and Motorsport in general. Cannot thank our EPIC Team enough for everything they do to help both myself and @benjenkinsnz in what is a dream come true. Itching to get into the seat of the new #ToyotazGalore GT86 next week 👌🏻💥 #teamjenkinsmotorsport #team856

#ROUND3 | Really looking forward to getting back in the seat this weekend for @d1nz Round 3. After an HUGE last couple of weeks on both the current Silvia’s and New GT86’s - This will be the last time I pilot the S15 for the Season. New roads ahead - Let’s see where this takes us! #teamjenkinsmotorsport #team856 #GoodbyeOldMate #GT86 📸 - @pixeltoon_photography

So rad to be involved in some of my best friends @_chrisstewart_ & @jessiecatherinex Wedding last weekend. Massive day and night at an EPIC Venue - Couldn’t be happier for both Chris and Jessie Stewart - Wishing them the best as they continue their overseas travel from here 👊🏻💥#teamStewieLuie

#D1NZ | Scrubbn’ the rear of the S15 along those concrete walls!💥 Such a rad time at @d1nz Round 2 🙌🏻 An awesome weekend away with the crew as always and we’ll be doing it all again in only 2 weeks time in Timaru!
📸 by @omegahphotography
#teamjenkinsmotorsport #team856 #BrianRobertsTowing

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