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iProvide 4my Family &Pray Alot  Booking 3479913734

If u fuk wid it drop a 🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦
Video / Song: ICE CREAM via @worldstar #wshh & everywhere else that ain’t hating on ya Boi 💯
Album: #MoreMoneyMoreProblems (Pre Order in Bio)
Directed By: @whiteapefilms

#FendiFact when I started transitioning from the streets into taking music seriously there were a lot of artist who gave me inspiration, but these two @kingpush & @myfabolouslife gave me a shot. By showing love and jumping on my records collaborating on joints free of charge like Concrete Jungle & Merlot and then turning around and letting me return the favor on “Road Runner & Only Life I Know” they ain’t have to do that cause tbh at that time I was only gaining a traction but still damn near unknown .... P.S I’m still kinda unknown to most people I jus got mad money so it don’t seem like it, nevertheless I said all that to say it’s important to always never 4get people and the things they did for u and to always pay ya blessings forward! With that said #MoreMoneyMoreProblems is dropping on Friday (Pre Order Album Now In My Bio) I was on my way to buy another crib but my flight got canceled due to bad weather so got a free day and ima spend it paying forward Showing Love and giving shots doing free features. Artist send DM me ya records if u working hard grinding like I was and u got a dope Original record or sumn u wanna remix I GOT U ! Hopefully u take the extra push to the top like I did! #SpreadLoveDestroyHate TAG A ARTIST that be grinding.

#Roro & #Renzo listen Always Be a Good Person, Always try to do the right thing You’ll know what’s right from wrong cause you’ll feel it in ya heart, Always use your manners yes thank u , no thank you etc. & no matter what, put GOD & Family 1st. Oh yea and jus because their a relative don’t mean they are family! Don’t let people take advantage of your kindness. It’s more but We’ll talk more later ❤️Y’all!
(Pre Order Album in Bio) #MoreMoneyMoreProblems #FatherHood #Realism

who’s y favorite #streetfighter ?
spent $5000 in Quarters @ Tha 🍕shop #90s

5yrs ago in a cold November I dropped this project titled #NewYorkCityTheAlbum in hopes to “Restore The Feeling” . Some consider it a classic I was jus happy it got noticed. This was the start of my music career and the start of a lot trends in NYC culture. I didn’t get a lot of the credit but fortunately I stayed independent and got a lot of the money. I went against what was popular and did what was right. The 1’s who came b4 laid the foundation but by the time our new generation came along the city was on life support , going thru an identity crisis & full of dick riders jus tryna get put on. I said Fuk that and Put myself on. Ian try 2 fit in, I wanted to stand out and that made me Outstanding. Everything I did ain’t never been done before on this level from this city because I was doing it Independent, XXL cover, RADIO play, SUMMER JAM stage, Adidas Endorsements, REGIONAL SOUNDING MUSIC gaining NATIONAL PLAY etc. I got crucified then for saying things that people have jacked remixed and get praised for saying now. I could go on & on but jus know the real ones know and it’s cool cause Ian come into the game for the credit, I jus came for the ca$h! I’m dropping #MoreMoneyMoreProblems Nov. 16th y’all pre order that in my bio then get ready for #NewYorkCityTheAlbum2 I think it’s about time how bout y’all?! 💯 #WeAgainstTheWorld PS. I had a good talk with somebody last night that could relate and It put me in a Great space. Ion got no hard feelings for nobody no more it’s all Love, and apart of my journey. Gotta enjoy these blessings how they come. S/O 2 all the DJs that supported and everybody who contributed to me gettin my dreams out and even shout out 2 everybody that hated, they fueled my ambition

Don’t let Nobody stop #TheComeUp who y’all wanna hear on the remix?

SONG: ICE CREAM prod by Dual Output
Ya Boi Not Playin! Nothin But Heat🔥(Pre Order Now)
If u fukin wit it drop a 🍦🍦🍦🍦

🤔 need a good caption yah dig ?

Jus left court dealing wit all this corny $hit Pray 4 ya Boi 🙏GOD willing ima get to perform in NYC again! haters & police try 2 take my life and money away. To no avail I’m a soldier of GOD, richer then ever , dripping in Versace can’t nobody stop me! And I’m dropping new music 2day “ICE CREAM” available on all platforms + (PreOrder) #MoreMoneyMoreProblems Album Now‼️ link in Bio #FreeTheRealKeepTheFake

with all the hate going on in the world I choose 2 $pread love ❤️ GOD blessed me so I’m blessing other$, Growing up I didn’t always get everything I wanted but in hindsight I’m greatful to always have had everything I needed the essentials. Going back to school is one of the most important days of a child’s year and I know 1st hand what having a new pair of sneakers and a haircut could do for ya self esteem. I also saw what the kids who didn’t have that went thru to no fault of they own. Wether it’s a dead beat dad or mom not in the picture taking care of responsibilities or wateva no kid should have to go they that and Now having a child that’s starting school I could relate even more so I together a Back 2 School Giveaway for the kids. School Supplies, Backpacks, Nike Sneakers, Haircuts etc. I did it last minute and with my own money outta my pocket! I didn’t wanna wait for sponsors, Donations and approvals etc. Hopefully next time maybe Christmas anybody that wants to contribute is more than welcome DM me for details so hopefully we’ll continue to make it bigger and better💯 #SpreadLoveDeatroyHate #MoreMoneyMoreProblems *****************************************************
(Pre Order Album Link In Bio‼️)
Song: Who I’m Becoming

You Become a “Dumb Nigga” when u lose your Family And Freedom proving to “Dumb Niggaz” that you’re A “Real Nigga” #REALISM
(Pre Order Album Link in Bio)

“Bih’s be realer than mo$t niggaz NO debating dat” #FendiFact
(Pre-Order Album in Bio‼️)
Song \ Video: THE COME UP
Director: @whiteapefilms

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