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Talking shit ...

Only in SF

This little lad turned 1 today ! Sitting on his new @loveskateboardco Board ... found the wheels and trucks on a broken deck up in the SF hills late at night ... now he just has to learn to push ....

Weak brittle little tiny clouded naked exposed fragile bare ... focused out of body ... empty ... fail.. crouch crawl kneel ... evacuate purge cleanse breathe ... pray faith hope offer gift ... all of the above #drawing #watercolor

Geppettoing out in the woodshop getting as many paintings,drawings ,prints and sculptures ready for a solo exhibition this fall @athenbgallery ....

@kwest8825 and some arrows peaking out of @vizsla_bacon from a few years back celebrating BSM ... the wall has been torn down ... that bike in the corner has been run over and I live on the other side of North America now ... nostalgic for some Canadiana today ... missing back up in the north east tundra days

Tongue-tied linoleum...

Quick doodles for a mural ... dreaming of getting some travels in this year

STOLEN ...Hey Oakland my bike got stolen out of the studio sometime in the last 24 hours ... it really sucks because it is my only mode of transportation, only three months old and was my most valuable possession ... it is a generic full model the only thing that is unique about it is the black stem riser to make the handlebars fit my extenda-torso ... so if anyone tries to sell you a Bianchi volpe in the Bay please get in touch (I have the serial numbers )... definitely will give prints or drawings or painting rewards ... I don't know if there is any hope of getting it back but worth a try

Surrender... bye bye ? I don't know ... a drawing around an old lithograph of a sleeping baby made while my little one naps ... taking full advantage of my daytime drawing windows ... some things you have to give up but I find I have only lost bad habits and gained more focus for my night shift studio bursts ... now my free hours matter so much more I fall way deeper into them

Pressing ink on paper

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