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Troy Lovegates  New works

Woodcarving for @athenbgallery 's second year anniversary show in wonderful downtown Oakland ... flip flap flop !!!!

I have a stockpile of ideas to get to ... finished this one today while my son was asleep ... was trying to draw a person growing out of himself ... shedding ones skin coming out a little smaller with less ego ... a little older ... shrinking into wisdom

Found rolling out there by @papielbacano ... with an open mouth comes two possibilities a joint or a dick ... glad he didn't get the dick ...

That strange feeling in your chest ... gives you the shivers ... slivers from the sketchbook...

After being on the road with @thinkspace_art for a few years this snake-skinned shoed wanderer returned home with plenty of stories ... #woodcarving #sculpture

Morning wanders

Finally finished 42 faces .... stolen souls from the streets and transit of the Bay Area ... this piece was definitely a test to my sanity and a lot more work than I have ever put into one painting... it is a commission of a style and time I didn't really want to return to but I still think it came out nice ... now it is time to get back to painting what I want to be painting...

Flarp ... shadrack pendlebrag nef spandcrumb plast blengalrech ... glaft prumbling !!!!

Stumbling through the cemetery... A study in devaluation ... drawn on top of a hand painted engraving from 1776 ...

Violent chicken scratchings with ink and watercolor... better to not know where you are going with these drawings... self-conscious sub-conscious ink blots ... melting candle wax ...I don't like the art I am making these days but maybe that is good ...

@streetviewto grabbed a nice shot of a mural I painted in 2015 up north in Sudbury for @upherefestival ... my oma used to tell me stories of little fairies raising hell when we walked through the forests trails up at her cottage ... fairies that could dance and sing so beautifully that they steal years from your lives ... anyways the landscape around Sudbury reminded me of their cottage ... so I did a little painting of a tea party in the woods being interrupted by an entrancing fairy dance ... thanks to @alexandrathegreat @nicoglaude @andrewknapp for the adventures

Paisley doesn't give a fuck about this studio stuff ... she wants to get out of here and chase skunks and squirrels and fight bubbly creeks ... lets go !!!

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