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Trouble Trouble  For Business hit 337-244-6337 Tony @iamthaconnect

🙏🏾All praise to da BIG GOD...
I think i kan speak for me and the Bros when i tell u this wasnt near planned an we never imagined this!.. Much luv to everyBody who supported!! #MMB #DTE #YFN #YRN 😜Luh wall candy 1 timeee! #BIGGTROUBLE

Lord knows how many times i used to ignore this guy kalls tryna get me to kome to studio sessions😒Nigga was like fuck rap where dat Bag at🤣FRFR!!
When i gave in, you never gave up though my Brudda! On yourself nor me!.. I thank you for that, and i kan truly say you deserve everythang the Big GOD got in store for ya‼

Too often we instill the mentality to our younginz and people in general that if you not making racks on racks day for day, that you're not "winning" or you're not "relevant" or it's "NOT ENOUGH"... When truth Be told is, you're doin great and mayBe even Better Bekuz you're doing it YOUR WAY... Fuck whoeva kall u lame kuz you wanna go to school, play Ball or any of dat shit FrFr!!.. Dese niggaz and fake azz Ogs aint doin nothing But Building haters and settin the youth up for long Bids!!
TRUST IN #YOUR #PROCESS for #PROGRESS !! Das all im sayin... #ImJustTrouB dou #MMB

No man deed is greater than any other, long as its within good intentions...
NOTHING Bigger than the Big GOD‼🙏🏾
#ImJustTrouB #ISWEA‼ 〽️〽️🅱️

Hope this makes u feel as good as it does for me! #BRICK now on itunes apple music n allat!! #MMBDTE
#SkooBZilla #ZayDidIt

GOD knows i'm trying‼...
🙏🏾 #MORE @champagnepapi

AVAILABLE FOR #PreOrder NOW‼ #Ransom2 @mikewillmadeit 🙏🏾

I'll neva forget Bout luh Bruh n dem...
U da "oldest" dou my guy.. But shid i pray we get to see 60 togetha frfr! Love ya for life & afta my Brudda!!
#TrillizTrilldoes An it Been like dat since we linked Behind da g-wall! #SOLID ! Happy #Bday family @30six 〽️〽️🅱️

#MOODFOREVA #Iswea !!🤣 #ImJustTroub
New New on da way thuglife! Its ah BRICK!!
@jxmmis #MMBDTE

A Bitch will go vent all her lil personal proBlems on dis insta shit B4 dey even Begin to speak on it with dey partner/people..(Looking for comments & validation) Dese police azz niggaz too! An how everytime u got ah proBlem wit someBody dat need to Be handled in the turf, u Bring it str8 to dis instagram shit giving the world insight on what happend an who u got "Beef" wit🐭(Thats Dry snitchin) at its finest pimp!! Niggaz spendin dey last to "turn up" on some piks for da gram! Smh Im fresh everyday But Bitch nigga i aint oBligated to keep takin no gotdam piktures lettin you see dis drip! You'll see dis shit when i wanna let ya!..
I seen ah so kalled good girl turnnnn on me.. u was jus lookin down on da Bitches who strip But now since yo face wasnt getting enough "Likes", she couldnt resist posting dat ass up😩Chasin kluB afta kluB BaBy u mideswell hit Tracy an see if she kan put ya on at Blue flame n get sum money for it!!
Da gram good entertainment and definitely a fooool source to "WORK" if its something you "WORKING ON" so i dont knock no hustle period!.. Just dont lose yaself Bekuz the people you're looking to impress only worry is the next post! NOT U!... When this shit ends 1 day, same as everything else always has, all you'll have is the ones you've Been Building with!..
Hopefully they dont Be the ones you went out your way to throw shade on or sneak diss during your "gram career"! #ImJustTrouB dou

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