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Next weekend SATURDAY aPRiL 28th 6PM
The ALIVE are going to be live at Trouble West Oakland
We got 3 grommets here: @the.alive
Bastion 13 guitar .lead vocals
Kai 13 drums
Manoa 10 bass and backup vocals
This ofcourse is an all ages show
Support the youth or your a bad person who hates kittens and bunnies !!! The ALiVe . @the.alive 6Pm Saturday APRIL 28th

When your little boy who isn’t little anymore steals your phone to stalk a hawk and you find it weeks later as you clean out your photo drive.
The eyes of my little man..his bird call... & his calm voice here is always a reminder to slow down....Look... And share your eyes when others can’t see.

Your HIGH as a kite on 420... I am here for you

Year 2008
1st employees
I believed in trouble from day 1 to spread the truth and make us all safe from the future of disconnect. It was a study not a cafe. And still I preach the same truth to my staff 10 years later. My staff at both locations were handpicked by magic itself

Cyclocross break

Our hood has so many new grommets . Believe in the SF youth.

It is a rebirth

I will always remember the first time a Cecil Taylor was put on the turntable at Papa Jazz record shoppe. He was the most innovative pianist ever heard by all ears.
Rest in sound.

West Oakland trouble coffee all ages show space.
Reach out

For all of you who don’t know ....well you suck .
The many reasons I moved to SF from Brooklyn was our amazing scene
See you there

Today and forever

Almost 10 years ago ,I met an amazing spirit on judah st . Tobias Crabtree was his name .
Tobias traveled and lived in a Toyota Dolphin camper truck.
We instantly connected at the trouble coffee bar as we both we believed that the path less traveled was the true path to follow.
Tobias and i rode to China beach on our single speeds every day he was in SF. Our heads bobbing around at Dead Mans point . Dolphins . Whales. & most importantly Contentment.
I would fall asleep in the sun as he drew in his journals .
His smile protected me. I was told the news that Tobias Crabtree passed away a few days ago.
I haven’t let it soak in quite yet bc I keep looking for a Toyota Dolphin to drive up judah and park in the front of my flat for the week :each and every season .
He never let me know when he would be in town . But I always knew when he would arrive. You will always be my inspiration to live your truth in this life we have. I miss you so much .

I headed home from a few days in West Oakland when I heard the fog broke.
To this day I can’t believe this is my home . #nofilter .

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