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Judit Megal  I love the beach and I live on one. All photos are mine 📷 DM for permissions to use, No photoshop/filters Escape to someplace beautiful Now

Tropical nights have
Tropical bars

I don't want to be judged,
I just want to be loved.

#October & its 31°C/ 87°F now,
That's why I like #buceriasnayarit becuze the weather here is so nice.
And about 10,000 other #Canadian&; american #snowbirds think so too...

The gateway to heaven starting to look like this ...

No filter just capturing the natural light

Sonetimes the view is worth 1,000 words..

What have a Fantasy
You can live the Dream

The talented and delightful @colors_of_mai drew this portrait from one of my pics and I
couldn't be happier!! She's phenomenal

Strange new fruit.. Only last week I tried for the first time un my life Dragon Fruit: it tasted delicatly sweet but nothing stands out. Than about an hour later, Bam! 🔥 I felt a surge of Energy like never before.. Higly recommend you try this fruit at least once in life.. Oh, and make sure its not too early picked so that it is not ready to eat yet.. Sometime the Supermarkets bring fruits that are still not ripe, how to know?
The outside should be smooth and not rock hard to touch...
( in other words, learn from experiens, trial and error, and general life :)!

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