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For everyone wondering what happened. I was vaccinated at my pediatric hospital yesterday and when they gave me it they either hit or put a great amount of pressure against my nerve causing my muscle in my chest to spaz really bad . My chest and arm are pretty stiff still and I am still in a lot of pain. I was given Lidocaine patches and Tylenol with codeine for pain.

Lmao has anyone not seen me at the hospital.. I swear it’s like everyday

I actually feel like I am dying. I have never felt like shit so much in my life🤮😕

Thankful for these lovely people❤️❤️#winterball2k18

“Remember when I told you I was never gonna stop...loving you with all my heart and soul no matter what? Now it seems I’m breaking every promise that I made, because every night I’m desperate.. asking God to he would just let me forget it. But I wake up loving you...” @cmorganmusic

“They judge me before they know me” ~Shrek

Guys!!! It’s Spooky SZN!😍❤️🍁

It’s f*cking fall!🤗 🍁

I actually hate you 😂❤️❤️


Be who you wanna be; not what others want you to be

I’m a wildflower, grown from hell. Specially picked just to ruin your life☺️👌🏻

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