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✨Tiffers McGee✨  I love. I just love.❤ ✨🎶Everything is sound... Set your vibrations and undulations to the highest they can go...🎶✨ ✌Namaste✌

Back to pre-pregnancy weight 2 weeks postpartum, thanks to breastfeeding and high protein diet! Hopefully I can maintain this momentum.

The happiest of birthdays to my wonderful dad. Here's to 57! What an amazing thing it is to get to watch you be grandpa to my babies. They have much to learn from you. Love you forever, dad! #hbd #SirDesmondPaul

This sweet boy is already a week old! What?! His weight is down from the hospital a bit at 6lbs 9oz, and his billi levels are a bit elevated, but otherwise he is perfect. #SirDesmondPaul #Baba

7.31.17 and this is the last pic of me pregnant with #Baba! We had his #csection scheduled for the 11th of August, but some complications arose and I started developing preeclampsia, so my OB decided it would be on everyone's best interest to deliver him immediately. We met our sweet prince at 5:13PM that evening, and chose his name a few hours later. I cannot wait to see what the world has in store for you, my sweet Des. #SirDesmondPaul 37+3

Hello, I'm Desmond Paul Roland and I'm #BrandNew here! I was born on 7.31.17 at 5:13PM. At 7lb 2oz and 20 in long, I'm the perfect size for snuggles. #SirDesmondPaul #Baba "You will come of age with our young nation//
We’ll bleed and fight for you, we’ll make it right for you// If we lay a strong enough foundation
We’ll pass it on to you, we’ll give the world to you
And you’ll blow us all away// Someday, someday
Yeah, you’ll blow us all away// Someday, someday"

7.29.17#MissEzraMae's first ever #haircut! I may or may not have cried. She did so well, was super polite, and very calm! #wasthisreallymychild #BeeBeeTakesToddlerhood #YesItookExtraHairOffTheFloorToMakeJewelry

Cake and cookies from the shower! #noms #space #eileenscolossalcookies

When you can't pick a name so you open it to a vote at your shower lol. #indecision2017 #babaforever #IwillpickonewhenImethin

The joy inside of her is contagious. #MissEzraMae #BeeBeeTakesToddlerhood #myheart

Somewhere in the thick of things, we had our due date all wrong! Between a specialist, my OB, and preggo brain so I'm a bit further along than we thought. #36weeks as of last week. This is the face of someone who hates Oklahoma summers with a passion, lol. It's getting close! Down to an OB visit and NST once a week, we will meet our sweet #Baba in two weeks! Where did the time go??? Symptoms: hating all the things, swelling, waddling forever. Cravings: ice cream, snow comes, ice.

Ok, seriously, what animal is this though? #snapchat #ImProbablyWayTooOldForThis

#Snapchat filters, but why?

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