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Tristyn Lee | FOOTBALLER  🙌🏽 God First 🔥OPDL Soccer ⚽️Road to Pro Futbol 💪🏽Bodybuilding 🎉16 Years Old 💯Road to 700K Followers 👕@cladcrew

Your true success in life begins only when you make the commitment to become excellent at what you do.
~ Brian Tracy

Physique Check 👍🏽

I know this isn’t a fully accurate measure of body fat but here’s a little look at the percentage that I’m decently close to. Do you wanna see a full youtube video on me talking about exact macros, micros and all the inner workings of my diet?

Boulder Shoulder Training 💪🏽

Thin-skinned 💯

What do y’all think about cheat meals? Necessary or unnecessary? Beneficial or detrimental? I personally don’t cheat on sugary snacks filled with ingredients that are bound to harm your body. I go for what my family and I call a “clean cheat” which often involves making a treat with stevia rather than using sugar! To say “your just a kid, live your life” is OK and I understand that for many having “fun” is going out and partying and eating treats, but I have a goal in my mind and am willing to do whatever it takes to get to where I want to be. Sure, of course it’s okay to have a good time, but who’s to say that I’m not having fun in the gym! If I don’t like to party then it’s not really enjoying life too much is it, but if I like to workout and train and have fun doing so then I would say I’m living out my childhood to the fullest! ❤️💪🏽

Tb to hardcore flexing with @larrywheels 🙌🏽 @zooculture

Let’s get denser 💪🏽

Just flexing after an amazing workout 🙌🏽

First legs day in 3 weeks... this is the result. What do you think?

I used to train legs 2-3 times a week not recognizing their dominance over my upper body. Just these past couple weeks I’ve given them time to actually recover, which in turn made them develop even more. Allow your muscle to take breaks and recover after you go hard on them for a longer period of time and you’ll see that muscle grow exponentially 💯

4:00am workouts.... the best thing in the world ❤️

Do not despise these small beginnings 💯 @433 @skiller

Truly amazing to see how far I’ve come from this video to now. It’s only 2 years ago but it feels like forever. It’s always good to take a look back at my roots as a kid that just wanted to play some footy without any worries in the world. And now to look at where I am today and to think about where I’ll be in the next two years is truly humbling. I’m so thankful for all my fans and friends support ❤️ I’m also grateful that I know that this is only the beginning of something bigger than I could ever imagine 🙌🏽

Amazing shoulder session today 🙌🏽

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