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have a good day lovesss
qotd : do you like ramen?
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HER LAUGH skanshbs
qotd : what grade are you going into?
@txisten #tristensvideos

ok so. i started this acc because she's relatable and funny tO mE (ok maybe not to u but idc). but tbh she's so down to earth & acts like everyone else. even though fOuR hUndReD fReaKinG tHousAnD people follow her, she's been the same since 75k. she likes so many comments & replies to them & answers dms & is rly open. anyways she doesn't deserve hate because all she's doing is being herself. kay byeee, lots o' love to you, t
qotd : can u comment blue hearts on tristen's recent?
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(rp) go follow my backup @txistensvideos
qotd : school elective?
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it's a doggo
qotd : do you guys play any sports?
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check out my 100k prize, details in the last post!
qotd : android or apple?
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thanks for 90k
qotd : winter or summer?
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more peel off videos lmao
qotd : favorite peel off face masks?
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nice one piece swimsuits are hella hard to find
qotd : favorite candy?
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school starts soon rip
qotd : favorite movie?
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wait till the end. she fell lol
qotd : what's your backpack brand?
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in the mood for a rainbow to appear just about now
qotd : moon or sun?
@txisten #tristensvideos

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